Feb 6, 2013

What's happening at old Barker School?

Dear Mailbag: I pass the old Barker School every day and have noticed some changes going on there. There are new steps and a handicap ramp on the outside. Can you tell me what is happening there? — Ronda from Venice Rd.

I'd like to thank all of the Mailbag readers who have sent us questions about changes at the old Barker School the past few months. It took me an especially long time to hunt down an answer, but I finally have one. Wee Care Day Care and Early Learning Center purchased the building and plans to move into the facility by March 1 from their current location at 1180 Cleveland Road.

Rene Newell, the owner, said she's been updating the building since July. It will have more space and bigger classrooms than the Cleveland Road location, as well as a large outdoor play area. Newell said there are also plans to make it a 24-hour child care center to serve parents who work second and third shifts. Children ages six weeks to 14 years can be enrolled, and spaces are available, Newell said. The phone number is (419) 621-7853.

The state has already approved the updates at the facility and will complete a final inspection in the coming days. Business reporter Melissa Topey plans to write a more in-depth story for the Register after the move.

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Ummm...sorry...but Barker School is on Barker St. not Hayes Ave. As most people that grew up in this area know, the Sandusky Elementary Schools (except for one) were named according to the streets they are located on.

The same is true for the Junior High Schools as well.

Sarah Weber

Sorry about that MrSandusky, my mistake. Thanks for the catch.


So I believe there are actually two buildings there. Are both the daycare or just one? Are they owned by the same person??


County Auditor online records show it remains one parcel with two buildings.


Click the "sales" tab at the above page and you can see the following transfers:

12/23/2009 Board of Ed. to Richard Koonce $0.00

12/23/2009 Richard Koonce to Spirit and Truth Ministries $0.00

8/26/2010 Spirit and Truth Ministries to Rene Newell $35,000

The current total valuation is $168,130. It was reduced from $669,970 on 2009/12/24. The reason given in the online record is, "Changes by Board of Revision, Tax Appeals, Courts"


and we wonder why we have no tax dollars coming in. WOW. But I hope this lady is going to pay taxes on that $35,000. I know Mr. Koonce bought the entire lot of schools for a dollar and the taxes were not paid by the school board which the city took a hit on. So much for that tax bill. It's not Mr. Koonce fault, its the school boards fault for selling them for a dollar.