Feb 5, 2013

Any updates on the accused Lighthouse Baptist minister?

Any updates on this Mailbag question: Would you know of anything about the pastor from Lighthouse Baptist Church that was (accused) of molesting little girls? There was a story in the newspaper not that long ago, I was wondering if he was found guilty or not guilty.— Lenny from Sandusky

The case involving Richard Mick, 51, is still working its way through the court system. He's scheduled for a final pretrial hearing on April 4 and, unless he changes his plea or there's another delay, he should appear for trial on April 9. Mick was charged with two counts of rape for allegedly attacking a former parishioner more than a decade ago. A 26-year-old woman accused Mick of molesting her when she was 13, and 17-year-old woman came forward with similar allegations, saying she was assaulted when she was a small child. (You can see the previous Mailbag question on this HERE.)

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Is he still the Pastor there? Does he have any restrictions from being around young children? This is messed up.

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If I had a daughter, I wouldn't want her in any church. More predators in the churches than anywhere, among other nut jobs. Amazes me that people still believe in the religious fairy tale now, in the 21st century. Religion has caused more wars than anything. All because different religions can't agree on which invisible man to believe in.


FYI predators are everywhere and its not just on little girls......I have boys and I am scared to death about creeps not just at a church!