Feb 4, 2013

Why is there a Perkins cruiser at Steak n' Shake?

I am just wondering why a Perkins Police Department cruiser is parked outside of Steak N' Shake on Rt 250. I drive out there in the afternoon every other day and have been seeing it in the parking lot. Today I drove to Kalahari and drove back into town 3 hours later and the #2 cruiser was still there. — Bob from Sandusky

Businesses in Perkins Township sometimes contract with the police department for extra security. These businesses pay for a uniformed officer (covering costs including salary, vehicle, and benefits) to have a presence at the business to deter crime or for crowd control. These officers are not technically "on duty" with the police department when they take the shifts, but they're in uniform and have all of their normal police powers. There's really no down side to the program. Local businesses get the extra security they want, officers make some extra cash picking up these side hours, and the police department has another uniformed officer enhancing safety in the township on someone else's dime. Steak n' Shake isn't the only business in Perkins Township that has contracted extra security with the police. You might also see officers at Cinemark on busy movie opening nights and at big-box retailers during the holiday season.

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Gosh. What goes on at steak and shake?


Nothing goes on there, and nothing will ever go on there, BECAUSE THERE IS AN ARMED UNIFORMED OFFICER THERE.


Well ok then ROAR


It is actually a hang out for a lot of kids in the area, but I'm not aware of anything necessarily bad going on there.

From The Deep Web

Ah yes, dining under the watchful eye of a jack booted thug.

Thanks, but no. I'll eat elsewhere.


Frankly the food's not that great there. Can't see what the attraction is other than it's the only place very close to the Great Wolf Lodge. Maybe the tourists are uppity.

tell it how it is

It's cheap, the cheddar bacon fries are amazing, yummy milk shakes, and it's open 24 hours. The appeal is mostly to younger people, especially during the summer time.

Rod Farva

A lot of drunks go there


I'm guilty of having been a drunk there in my youth. Diana's was always garbage service and too many trouble makers. Steak and Shake was the only other option.


I'll check it out only if the cop has a nice mustache.


Its only because they had a crazy employee that threw a brick threw a employees car window, And made threats towards Managers.. Never know who or what threat to take seriously


Doughnuts ?????

real talk

I'm sorry, Bruce. These boys get that syrup in 'em, they get all antsy in their pantsy.


Kalahari should employee them PERMENANTLY after reading how much goes on there all the time. Reading the police reports they could keep off duty Perkins Police in business daily. We talk about how bad things are out there all the time: domestic disburance, fights, theft, car vandelism, burglary....the list goes on and on. A Perkins Police officer could make a nice living just working there.


In the parking lot anyway. The resort is in Huron Twp so really it's the Sheriff's responsibility, right?


I went to Kalahari one time, will not go back.
Some of the trash that goes there is unbelievable.
The food sucks,and is expensive.


Hog, I beg you to reconsider! Once word gets out that you aren't there strutting around in your bathing suit Kalahari will surely close! Please think of the families that depend on that Kalahari paycheck to put food on the table.


And then what happens when said police officer gets shot and killed ...while technically being off duty and in uniform working for a private company ...do they pay for the cost of burial and raising his family ...I would hope so or the township has just written a ticket to prosperity for their future officers ..and make all that extra cash to keep who safe ??? get real ,this is why the fabric of local government has failed ..good luck trying to pass a levy now. Technically .