Feb 1, 2013

What happened to the Meigs Street Messenger?

It was always nice to know what was going on locally. Does anyone know what happened to the The Meigs Street Messenger? Thanks - Sarah, Sandusky

Wow, that's a blast from the past! I called city commission clerk Kelly Kresser and she said the Meigs Street Messenger (the city's monthly newsletter), hasn't been printed since December 2009. The city still sends out a summer fun guide and has an insert bi-monthly in the Town Moneysaver — but your best bet for information from the city is its website, www.ci.sandusky.oh.us/. There's a calendar with events and meeting times, and information on each of the city's departments.

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looking around

when are they going to fix the registercam so it can focus?


The Register cam hasn't been worth crap for months.


Any news about the supervisor that has been suspeneded? How long does the investigation have to take?


Yeah, what IS going on with that? Why was he suspended, what is going on with that story?????