Jan 30, 2013

How do you find out if someone has warrants?

I'm wondering how do you find out if there are warrants for someone? Do you have to go to the police station or the courthouse? — Harry in Sandusky (Editor's Note: Erie County and Sandusky warrant lists posted here.)

Well, Harry, your friendly neighborhood police station is a good place to start. Generally officers keep records on who has active warrants so they can serve those warrants when they run into the person or by visiting the person's home or workplace. There are different types of warrants for all kinds of stuff, from bench warrants issued by a judge for unpaid parking tickets to warrants for an arrest on a serious crime. If it's serious, police are likely to be actively trying to serve the warrant and arrest the person. But, sometimes small-potatoes bench warrants go unserved for awhile until the person happens to have an interaction with police. Generally with a minor bench warrant, all the person has to do is get a date to see the municipal court judge and maybe pay a fine. If you think you (or someone you care about) might have one of these warrants, it's better to get it taken care of sooner rather than later. If an officer pulls you over for a broken headlight and finds you have a warrant, you might have to ride in the back of his cruiser up to the jail to get a bond and a court date. If nothing else, it's an inconvenience. By calling ahead to take care of the warrant, you at least get to make the arrangements when you have time and not when you're on your way to work or an important appointment.

Reporter Andy Ouriel coincidentally requested a list of everyone who currently has active warrants through Sandusky Police and the Erie County Sheriff for a story in today's Register. I posted the whole list for you to check out below, so you can see if the person you mentioned in your question has an active warrant.

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