Jan 29, 2013

What's going in next to Little Caesars?

What's going in the empty space between Little Caesars and Biggby coffee?I heard it may be a convenience store some time in the future. Any truth to that? -Jay from Perkins Township

You heard correctly, Jay. Thomas Bayeh, the franchisee of Little Caesars has also rented the space next to the pizza shop to open a new convenience store. It will be called In & Out Convenient and will carry beer, snacks, lottery tickets, soft drinks and other standard convenience store items. The store should be open by April. It seems like a pretty smart move — someone picking up pizza for a party or a quick dinner would probably like to grab a six-pack and some chips too.

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Good 2 B Me

Good Form!


That saves me from going into the one on Pioneer Trail and always smelling like nasty fried chicken when I leave. That place is so gross.

Ellis dee

Stopped goin there because of that. When I got home I had to change!




Hope they have Old English 800.