Jan 28, 2013

What ever happened to the Perkins High School windmills?

What ever happened to the windmills by Perkins High School? Since the one fell apart, did they realize it was a silly place to put them? They are reluctant to answer questions about this. Dave in Port Clinton

We had Perkins schools superintendent Jim Gunner on Between the Lines, our local public affairs program, last week and asked him about the windmills. You can watch the program HERE. Gunner answers the question about the windmills around minute 10 if you want to skip ahead. He said the district and the company that put up the windmills decided the turbines could not be safely maintained at the high school property. They suffered two failures that could have been a risk to public safety. Gunner said the windmills were dismantled about nine months ago and they will not be re-installed. The district is working to modify it's contract for a full refund for the cost of the turbines. Gunner called the turbines a good idea, but perhaps ahead of their time.

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finally, the realization that windmills are not the answer.

The Bizness

Yes, because they currently don't do anything other than pump 5.5 GW of power into the nation grid, and are expected to reach 32 GW by 2020.

Or ask a homeowner with a wind turbine, or a boat owner that uses it to charge their batteries.

They are a vital part of our future energy needs.


Really making a dent in total use: 4.062 Trillion Kilowatt Hours in 2007.

This is .0014% of energy used in the US alone. Not sure if your figure was world wide or not. So by 2020, it will produce .0079% of 2007 usage.
Seems well worth the billions that our gov't is pumping into it.


And your figures came from where? Bizness

The Bizness

I am sorry I was looking at the UK's wind energy production.... Our current wind energy production is 51.63 GW's.

in 12 months from November 2011 to October 2012 3.4% of our total electrical demand was produced by wind.


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The Hero Zone

This is a strictly neutral comment to you, Biz, but while the figures may very well be 100% true Wikipedia is not generally regarded as a reputable nor recognized source since it is user-generated/edited. It is an awesome start that can lead to official sources, however! Those are usually found at the bottom of the article but require their own investigation too (several hoaxes come to mind).

Again, not a personal slam or even a contest of opinion, but a general reminder for everyone like you who is interested in researching the things they are curious about or in which they are interested!

P.S. - For what it's worth energy.gov does support the number you quoted (any person's skepticism or questions about a government report notwithstanding haha)!

The Bizness

I understand it not to be a reputable source, but I gladly trust it compared to Fox News or MSNBC. I would never use it academically, nor recommend it to be used as a source for anything academic.


Wondering if they factored in the electrical load each grinder generates. Yes windmill requires electicity in this area, from heating the blades to eliminate vibration from ice build up to heating the transmission oil to lubricate the grinders!!!


I think NASA proved with their tests at Plumbrook, the wind speeds in this area won't support the costs.


once again the cost vs savings is not sustainable unless our gov't, which loves to hand out subsidies, becomes involved! just wondering why the city of toledo took down the 3 or 4 they had. i think operational costs had something to do with it.

The Big Dog's back

What is the answer mikel?


coal. it has worked for hundreds of years and will continue to work.

The Big Dog's back

So you are willing to pay higher taxes for more medical care, acid rain effects, contamination from fly ash, mercury and arsenic air poisoning, greenhouse gases, just to name a few?


oil, natural gas. status quo dawg.


But, but.. but Big Dawg... I really can't stand that the windmills kill so many birds. They attract so many of the pretty, pretty darlings!!!

PETA has told me that we must respect all animals and even if the cause is so dear and near to my heart such as wind power.

**Down with all mills... they are animal KILLERS!!!! ***


Obama said they are OK....so they are OK!


Actually I believe if we surround Gunner with windmills we might be able to power up all of Erie county for free!

old dog

The company that sold and had them installed has them in the back of their shop, in a pile. That company even had of their own installed and it lasted about as long as the school units did. All that is there now is just a concrete slab. I believe they and the school are both trying to recover their money from the manufacturer, Redriven.


Great use of our tax dollars Gunner. Do you honestly think the majority of us will give you more?


God Of Thunder

Ummm...Look around the area.. There are other windmills that have been up and running with no issues.. Behind the Sandusky City bldg on Meigs st, Toft's Dairy, the grade school in Huron by Route 2 just to name a few.. Don't tell me that Gunner and the school board couldn't come up with another company to install those..

Oh, that's right.. It would've been a waste of time to put in different ones since they plan to build a new school campus, against the majority of the taxpayer's wishes.. Gunner probably sabotaged the windmills himself.


He needs to go.


And take the board with him.


Rather than constantly griping about Guuner why don't you run for a BOE position, and find and support other like minded residents. Then you would be in a position to terminate him and make changes. I'd gladly contribute to candidates trying to improve the system here in Perkins. I've been a life long Twp resident. (Though not an alumni of PHS)


So many of you are against this guy, why not run for the BOE positions and get rid of him if you all feel so strongly. You all seem to feel the same. Why not run for the board yourselves?

God Of Thunder

Seriously.. Do they really think we are all stupid??? I can't stress enough about the windmills.. And that's only one of the things..

If the high school building is that bad, then business has not been taken care of in all aspects of the administration.. Sounds like they are running a slum lord empire..


You are so totally right about windmills. They can be a very productive source of power. Despite PETA's assessment that they attract and kill birds (which isn't founded), they are worth the effort to put up and use. The one at Toft Dairy works very well as does the one behind the police station, the one at Margaretta school and others in the area.


Mamma, how many articles do you require that link grinders to bird kills??


The windmill by the Sandusky police station has been there for many years running just fine without throwing projectiles into the air!


Maybe we should employ the Dutch and their wind technology. :-)


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