Jan 25, 2013

What's going on at the old Krunchie Pickle?

I've seen some activity around the former Krunchie Pickle location on Cleveland Road, and the sign says something like "Wow, something cool coming soon." Any idea if there are actually plans for something to go in there, or if that's just wishful advertising? Sara on Market Street

There are indeed actual plans, Sara. I talked to George Sortino on the phone Thursday and learned the former Krunchie Pickle building at 1012 Cleveland Road in the Sandusky Plaza is being prepped for a new restaurant. The Sortinos and the Scagnetti family of Bellevue (owners of Caesars Crystal Palace) are starting a new brick oven restaurant as a joint venture. Sortino said they've been carefully updating the restaurant to install a real wood-fired brick oven and add an updated dining area. The menu, which is getting close to completion, will feature (among other things) Neapolitan-style pizza. While Sandusky has an abundance of pizza places, none serve Neapolitan pizza. It's known for its fresh and simple ingredients and the depth of flavor brought by the very hot wood-fired oven. The restaurant could be ready to open as early as mid-February.

As a side note, the new restaurant is hiring. If you're looking for a job in food service (cooking, cleaning dishes, serving and such), you can stop by the Cleveland Road location during the day and pick up an application. Sortino said there are folks there every day preparing the new business for opening.

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Saweet. Pizza is like sex, even when it's bad its still pretty good.

Eph 2 8-10

Sandusky, the tattoo parlor and pizza joint capital of Ohio.....


for sure


Pizza=Awesome....Tattoos=Awesome. Whats the problem?

Good 2 B Me

I cannot believe it, but I am going to Agree with you.


Hey, did the city get stuck with the business loan to the Krunchie Pickle?

The Bizness

I am fairly certain in past articles that the loan was repayed back in full.


The loan was for equipment. It has not been paid back as yet. The city is stuck with the equipment until they can sell it.


Go figure, another bad decision by Sandusky.


So much for The Pie Factory. This place will have better pizza, better location, and Scagetti's have deep enough pockets to get it off the ground and established. It will be nice to have a respected business family running it.


Can't wait till it opens. Hope it's better than the 800 clubs food.


C'mon....place your bets everyone, on just how long this place will be open before Sandusky has another empty building for rent....2 months? 6 months?


Pizza....another place for Pizza....we have tons of places to get pizza. So when is the next exercize place opening again? LOL