Jan 23, 2013

Why are there lights out in the Senior Center parking lot?

Dear Mailbag, Three lights have been burned out for some time in the Senior Center Parking Lot on Water Street in Sandusky. Isn't that hazardous, especially since the Center is for Senior Citizens? Can you find out when the bulbs will be replaced? — Ann from Sandusky

I called over to the senior center and staff there were surprised you wrote into the Mailbag instead of calling them. They said the center is primarily open during daylight hours, so they didn't notice lights out in the parking lot. When there is a light out, all they have to do is call in a work order for their maintenance department — but they have to know about the problem first. So, if you see a light out, go ahead and call over to the center (419- 656-2560) and let them know. They'll go ahead and take care of it.

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The Answer Person

I too can't believe that this woman would write to the paper instead of calling them directly! Oh brother!


That is pretty funny...it is amazing that people would contact someone totaly removed from the situation, instead of those resposible for it.


Dear Mailbag... It's raining outside and I'm getting wet, I don't know what to do, can you help?

God help the entitlement people who can't think for themselves!


How on earth do you know this is an "entitlement" receiving person? Or is everyone now an entitlement person? (which by that definition would be you as well). I am so sick and tired of people automatically assuming and writing things off as entitlement people, especially in anonymous situations such as this. I would laugh my butt off if this actually turned out to be the exact opposite and turned out to be a generous donor of the 1%.

Peachy Keen

Oh for heaven's sake, why don't you commentors above just get over it? I agree, she should have called the Senior Center about the lights, but she just wasn't thinking or maybe she didn't want to bother them for some reason. Why does everyone always have to be so mean towards others? She was only trying to be helpful...that doesn't mean she is an "entitlement person". Grow up!


So let me get this right, you say that because she did not want to bother the people that are directly incharge of the lighting...the very same people that are responsible for fixing said lighting...and instead contacted someone that has nothing to do with the lighting, does not show signs of being raised and living in the entitlement utopia that Sandusky has become?

Somewhere, right now, there is a guy that blames his bank for his car being repo'ed because he failed to pay the loan that would agree with you. As for anyone else with some sense, they see the problem here.


Completely agree with you. The commenters on this paper have no self control and automatically blame the target of the day. I an half surprised somebody didn't blame "Gun Fanatics" for this.

Peachy Keen

All I'm saying is, she's probably some mixed up older lady who did a silly thing out of concern. So what!? There's plenty of people in Sandusky who DO deserve to be criticized heartily, but this lady most likely isn't one of them. So someone made a mistake, in this case a comically innocent one. I just don't see why the knives have to come out and the accusations begin everytime someone does or says something that others disagree with, especially with something as humorous and harmless as this. Why not just chuckle about it and move on? Some of you sure harbor a lot of anger toward your fellow man (or woman in this case).

The Answer Person

So if she is an older lady, then why didn't she report it when she was down there playing cards and getting her free lunch?


And now your grouping all older people together.


The parking lot lights aren't on in the daylight...


Thats ok Answer Persons lights are never on.


Hey at least she did not call the police to report the unsafe condition.
Which seems to be the trend anymore. Example, call the police for a package that was delivered to their neighbors thinking it was theirs.


Maybe this might turn out like the lady that sued McDonalds because the coffee was hot & it did'nt say so on the cup when said women spilled it on herself.