Jan 21, 2013

Why did Danny Boy's become Weazy's?

Why did Danny Boy’s become Weazy’s? I recall a brief article on it stating it was the same owner with a new name.. It is my understanding that the originators of the restaurant in Rocky River opened the one here and then Hoty bought it from them soon after, but that was a few years ago. I was just wondering why it would change now after all this time. Established branding is pretty important. — Theresa in Perkins

Danny Boy's changed its name because Ed Hoty, the owner of the Milan Road restaurant, recently ended his franchise partnership with Danny Boy's, a small chain with locations in Rocky River, Broadview Heights, Youngstown, Canton and Chesterland. Hoty said the split was amicable.  “We enjoyed the relationship we had and they still support us,” Hoty said. “It was not a stressful situation.” The move gives him more control over the menu and business operations.  The name "Weazy" is the nickname of Louisa Hoty, Ed's wife.

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Boycott that shizzle.


talking to me?


Nope. Just using the word. 4sheezie


I don't know! LOL I think they should have picked another name... When I think of "Weazy" AKA WEEZY it means...A wheezy cough or laugh comes from someone who has difficulty breathing, so it makes a whistling sound.. Either way, it doesn't sound to healthy!! :)


Weazy's chicken and waffles


Wait , didn't the Jeffersons tv show have wheezy as the wife's nickname Louise?




We went there Saturday night and the place was packed. The menu is a little better IMO and the food, service, portions and prices are very good. I don't care what the name is as long as it is a good place to go

Good 2 B Me

I agree. Food, Service, Portions and Prices are so vital. Especially with a family. They could call it just about anything that they want as long as it is good!


Made me think of "The Jefferson's". George always called Louise "Weasy".


It's a stupid name. All I can think of is someone gasping for air. The thought actually turns my stomach instead of making me want to eat there.


Why does it make you think of gasping for air?


Because my dad had lung disease and used to wheeze constantly before he passed away. The name is repulsive.


So don't go. It's as simple as that.

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Had a small pizza there Saturday for lunch. Did not notice the name until I looked at the menu. Food is good but pizza price is high.


The bottom line with every name and menu change = higher prices. That's the reason I was the most disappointed with this change, let alone the questionable new name.


Danny Boys wasn't that good!


Seriously? Guessing you don't care for Italian food. They are the best around. I do love the Spaghetti Warehouse in Columbus though. I've never heard of anyone who didn't like Danny Boy's. Looking forward to eating at Weazy's Italian Eatery soon!!


Went last weekend - same great food and service and nice changes inside. Still love the atmosphere.


Sounds racial


Louisa's would have been a more pleasant-sounding name. Why must we shorten everyone's name anyway? Proper given names are often more pleasant to the ear. I think it's just lazy to shorten someone's name, especially if they don't want you to. And to misspell it is even worse. It's insulting. Some do it on purpose. Others give you a nickname (which can also be insulting or a joke). Met that Hoty guy. Kind of a.....

God Of Thunder

Wow....Really??? Now we are psycho-analyzing nicknames huh???


Guess if you try hard enough you can complain about anything.... negativity only generates more negativity

HS Sports Fan

Tourist driving by might not associate the name with Italian food


Is that what they serve there? My bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wouldn't "Weazy's Italian Eatery" give it away that it's Italian food??

Most Wanted

I've always enjoyed the food, atmosphere and service. I was wondering what the name change was about, Weazy sounded kind of sleazy...(seriously), glad it was explained, nice to know it's an endearment. Don't care what it's called...but I do have to say the new sign looks like a turd instead of a breadstick or whatever it's supposed to look like. Might want to change that, not very appealing in color or looks. Might not matter to the old crowd because we know the food is good, but not very catchy to new comers.


Maybe they might have a menu item called the Obaminator. It will empty your pockets, tax the guy next to you and overall leave you with gut rot.

Just Sayin IMHO

Not a big fan of the name, weazy, either... I woulda liked Louisa's Italian Eatery (if its still italian) or Louisa'a ____ ____ (fill in the blank)... weazy's sounds like a diner... i saw danny boys as an upscale casual kinda place...


Louisa's garbage!


What do YOU consider a GOOD restaurant?


This is a small business owner (who employs people by the way!) who broke away from a chain. Deertracker, if its not your kind of place, can't you just wish him well?!


Most restaurants are named after a family member to the owner....if you don't like the name, go eat the garbage at Olive Garden.


Or the other 1,000 restaurants on 250. You defensive folks (friends and family) don't get it. A name is supposed to increase business, not turn off customers and leave them with a 'don't like it, beat it' response.

Julie R.

I like the Olive Garden. I like Danny Boy's, too ..... I mean Weazy's.


There's a lot of other bad name's out there for diners I bet.


naming is vital, people from out of the area recognize danny boys name. They won't now unless they are moviong on up. I was not impressed with it anyway, pizza is average and over priced. not a good combo.


I used to deliver to EVERY restaurant on 250 and most every one in Sandusky, Perkins, Huron, etc.

Danny Boys was the WORST of ALL in terms of cleanliness. And the Hoty guy is convinced his doo doo doesn't stink. He's alot like what someone said his breadstick logo looks like.


Yeah. Weazy doesn't sound Italian. Maybe "Lou-wea-gi's"?

Nah,that sucks too.


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The restaurant has the same great food and cheerful employees as they did when they were Danny boys. Its a good thing they broke away from the franchise, its a local business that employees people. And the owner is great not only does he run the restaurant well but he coaches and donates to a lot of schools in the area. The changes inside are better for the restaurant, they updated their look and it still has a great atmosphere. And as far as the name goes, he named the restaurant after his wife, people are looking into it deeper than they need to. Instead of criticizing his wife's nickname why don't you go try the food and form a legitimate opinion instead of judging it by the name. I had a steak dinner there and it was the best steak I've had in a long while. I left stuffed with more than half of it to take home with me! They have great food and service and i will defiantly go just as much as i did when it was Danny boys.