Jan 18, 2013

Is it OK to burn trash in Perkins Township?

I noticed someone in my neighborhood burning trash the other day and it threw me off. I haven't seen trash being burnt since I lived on a farm. Is it okay to burn trash or brush in Perkins? — Kelly from Perkins

The Ohio EPA regulates all open burning in the state of Ohio. No one should be burning trash in the township — at least not without written permission from the EPA. Such burning could be hazardous to the environment and to the heath of residents in the township. If you're burning leaves or brush in the township, you have to be at least 1,000 feet from the nearest inhabited building. The Perkins Fire department also requires anyone burning brush to contact them for a permit. This is also a good practice so the fire department is aware of the controlled burn in case they get calls from people who see the smoke. Below I attached the Ohio EPA rules on burning both in the city limits (which would apply to Sandusky residents) and outside city limits (in Perkins or any of the other surrounding townships.)

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Good 2 B Me

Does that apply to fire pits/small camp fires?


My understanding is that as long as you have some hotdogs out with the fire you can't get into trouble. The government is not allowed to prevent you from cooking food for your family.

Good 2 B Me

The link below explains things. Sounds like you are pretty close.


A link to Erie County's regulations: http://www.eriecounty.oh.gov/dep...

Good 2 B Me

Thank you. That explains it pretty well.

Common Sense

The problem with the current legislation in Perkins Township is that although you are not permitted to burn brush (or trash as one neighbor does), there are no consequences if you do. There are also regulations concerning out buildings in the township (i.e. permits), but unless the person with the out building is called on it immediately, the consequences are not severe.


So what?? Should we make it a felony??? Ban all lighters and matches???? Nobody could ever start a fire if they outlawed lighters!


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when we were younger my mom used to have us burn trash in the burn barrel out back, while she listened to the police scanner for nosy neighbor reports. when she heard one- out came the hot dogs and marshmallows!

Phil Packer

No, and it's not okay to BE trash in Perkins Township either.


If there is black smoke or a horrible smell then more than likely there are poisons being emitted into the air. If this is happening and there is a burn barrel present then the authorities should be notified. If they are using an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit that can be closed or covered to keep the ashes and embers in then you are going to have an uphill battle unless you have pictures of the black smoke. Either way, you will probably start a war with your neighbor over this, but if you are already at war with them, I say go for it! Good luck!

Football Fan 44089

Be wary of burning trash... Bin Laden used to do that and look what happened to him!


He also orchestrated the killing of thousands.......you live by the sword, you die by the sword!

Football Fan 44089



I don't complain about anything unless there are violence or drugs going on. I will pick my battles. I look at it that at least they are burning trash instead of letting it pile up for critters to get into. I mind my business unless someone is being abused or drug activity is involved. I will not make mountains out of mole hills. It seems that this person has nothing better to do than complain about something petty.