Jan 17, 2013

Why does the county contract out plowing?

I see someone else plowing and salting the county properties. Can you tell us why this is happening? — Don on 250

I got this question awhile back when before the snow melted. I contacted county commissioner Pat Shenigo about it this week, and he said the county does indeed have a contract with Speer and Sons for snow removal from county parking lots. County general maintenance workers are still in charge of the county's sidewalks. When asked why the county contracts out for this work, Shenigo said it actually saves money. He wrote in an email: "It was considerably less cost in equipment and manpower. Remember before when our facility's guys did both they also had to do their general maintenance duties so there was a lot of overtime!"

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That private contractors save money is a truism. Lets see those figures Commisoner...



These studies have so many variables, and this article does not address them.
I would guess that it is always cheaper to hire out short term jobs than hire someone to do it. Also, when it snows, the counties resources are out plowing roads. Would you rather have them plowing a parking lot, or working overtime to do it at the end of a shift? Or maybe spend another $50,000 for a truck and them have to maintenance it?
Outsourcing small jobs eliminates overtime, maintenance, HR, retirement...

Dr. Information

There were absolutely no specifics given in this article. Horrible way to try and make a point.

The Answer Person

Shovel your own space in front of your house and all will be well.


The real question here is how much is his company charging to perform this task and has the county put this up for bid each year?


When it doesn't snow, a private contractor doesn't work and doesn't charge.
When it doesn't snow, a county worker is still on the payroll, insurance, retirement and overtime. Is this too complicated to understand?


I believe your talking about the building and grounds maintenance department not highway dept.
It would be nice to have some facts. Do Speer and sons have a contract to plow for the season which most do regardless of how much snow? If they plow it once in a day is it extra to plow again? Who’s liable if some one Slips and falls when the parking lots don’t get cleared on time? If its cheaper to farm out snow removal why do the maintenance workers do the sidewalks? What happened to all the snow removal equipment they had. If the county workers plowed were they sent home after eight hours or were they all paid over time or comp time. Are they there for forty hours no matter what they do? This department is not union so that’s not a issue. What did it cost last year how many times did they plow? What’s it cost this year and how many times did they plow? Are they getting paid to do nothing ? Plowed what once this year? Is this more Shenigo lies?

Swamp Fox

This outsourcing and Corso's mowing for the county, political favors being paid?