Jan 16, 2013

Why is there a man-made hill along River Road?

There is a very large hill on River Road in Huron that is blocked off by large cement blocks to keep people out. I have tried to figure out who owns this property as well as why there is a large man made hill, but I have not found any information. It is located on the west side of River Road between Dupont Marsh State Nature Preserve and Knight Road. Can you help me figure out what this property is? Thanks. — Rachel in Huron

I checked out the site on Google Maps, which gives you the option to zoom in on satellite photos of pretty much anywhere. I zoomed in on that area of River Road and, it appears at least, the hill you're talking about belongs to some old railroad tracks. There is a set of railroad tracks running somewhat north to south about 1000 yards west of River Road in that area. Along the tracks, there is a junction that curves off to the east, but it ends abruptly before reaching River Road. You can see the barriers at the end of the tracks in the satellite photo as well. I attached two PDF images of the area below for you to take a look at. Sorry, in advance, for my poor photo-shopping skills. If this isn't the hill you're talking about, maybe the Mailbag sleuths will be kind enough to jump in and set the record straight.



(Updated 2:52 p.m.) I just got a phone call from a gentleman who participated in creating the man-made hill on River Road. He said it's simply piled-up lime sludge from Huron Lime Company. He said the lime is harmless, it was just extra from the company's operations. There is another such hill of lime in Berlin Heights, too, he said. Thanks to this caller and everyone else who is helping out with the mystery hill!

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I think I can shed some light on this for Rachel...

10 years ago or more the section of River Road in the area in which you are describing used to continue North and head Northeast closer to the Huron River. Road construction began just South of the large white water tower near what is now indicated as "All Things Restaurant" on the google maps satellite image. When the construction crews finished the new section of river they placed two large barrier stones at the entrance to the old route which continues to be the access for the water tower. These barriers were placed there because #1 local kids were driving back on the old route and parking alongside the road to drink and make out. #2 fisherman were parking along the old route which presented a liability. #3 I assume that ODOT wanted to make a statement to those confused locals that the old route was now a dead end closed road and not a thorough-way.

There is a very large man made "hill" just south of the water tower but North of the entrance to Huron River Valley Campground located on the west side of River Road. That "hill" is a actually a landfill I believe as I saw refuse trucks enter and exit the access and bulldozers moving earth years ago.

Sarah Weber

Thanks for the info TheIrish!


After a little more investigative work, the parcel (39-00513.000) is owned by Huron Lime Inc. and is listed as "taxable agricultural real property".



Ahh, TheIrish stole my thunder. Going and looking at the tax maps on the auditors website would have said who owned it.



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Why don't people mind their own business and stop sticking your nose where it doesn't belong!!!!

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Relax.. Why so bitter?? It's just curiosity..


This is Rachel. Your PDFs are actually the east side of River Rd. TheIrish is correct about the area I am talking about. The only reason I asked this question is because I have been on the property and there are mysterious pipes all over the property. The possibility of a landfill being there at one time makes sense in relation to the pipes. I mainly wanted to know because I wanted to know if there is possible environmental contamination going on there.


What were you doing there, trespassing?

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I remember when this hill was constructed. Yes, the property is owned by Huron Lime Company. The hill contains lime sludge from their manufacturing process. This sludge creates alot of heat and that is why the pipes were there, to let the heat escape as it cooled. The other hill that is mentioned is on Collins Rd. by Liles Rd., but not as large as the River Rd.one
If you go near the Lime Plant today and look to the NE, you can see the mountain of the stuff still being dumped there today.


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TO all asking somewhat "NEW" questions about the hill on River RD-WHY-if you where there you were TRESSPASSING-ALL WHO ARE COMMETING ABOUT HOW LONG AND WHAT HAVE NO IDEA-It used to be a farm!!!


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