Jan 15, 2013

What's happening at Hayes and Tyler streets?

What is Firelands Regional Medical Center doing with lot on the corner of Hayes Avenue and Tyler streets across from Firelands? — Scott W. on Hayes Ave.

Firelands Regional Medical Center isn't updating the property — Hoty Enterprise is. The local developer is installing a building at the corner that will be able to house three storefronts. You may have heard a second Jimmy John's location is coming to the Sandusky area. That's where it's going. There aren't contracts yet for the other two spots in the building, though it's possible something like a hair salon or convenience store could go in. We'll keep an eye on the development and will be sure to let you know if we find out what other stores will be opening there.

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Eph 2 8-10

Installing? You install a part. You build a building.

Illiterate? Write for help....


I'm sure one of the stores will be another Verizon with rude employees, that seems to be going trend for our area.


Tell you what, the area looks better now than when the Bonded gas station & Foodtown was across the street. The area is looking much better.


thanks for that trip down Memory lane. I had almost forgotten what that DID look like!

And instead of Firelands, we had THREE hospitals: Good Samaritan, Providence and Memorial. who employed lots of people.

Yes. Things sure HAVE changed. Just reminds me how old I really am.

I hope someone starts building something that employs LOTS of people as well. Heaven knows we could use it.


Strip malls in the city.



Remember when downtown Sandusky had stores that were side by side? Wouldn't THAT also be considered a "stip mall" of sorts? So how is this any different?

At least something is being built. Thank God. I miss the old things too, but they are gone forever and it's time for the new to come in.

God Of Thunder

Jeez..People whine and cry about city blight, and then they whine and cry about something new and positive coming into the city.. I guess it's a lose-lose situation no matter what happens..


Agreed. Ever notice it's the same commenters who seem compelled to post something on every story, are the ones promoting negativity, even when something positive is happening.


I agree!! People should be excited that new things are coming here. It gives the city jobs and opportunity!!! I hate the negative people that come on here and complain.


Whats crazy the people that talk about whats happening in sandusky isnt even from sandusky.