Jan 14, 2013

Know anything about this old Register sign?

Hi there, I posted a picture on your Facebook page of an old Sandusky Register sign that I found in a thrift shop. Has anybody had a chance to take a look? Is there an official or unofficial newspaper historian on staff that maybe could help me with any information about it. It appears really old... 20s or 30s? Thanks for any help you could offer. — Carol

Sadly, we have no such staff historian — certainly not one who might remember the 1920s or 1930s. The sign you shared is really neat (a picture is posted below). It looks like it might have been a chalk board in a grocery or general store. We have to pitch this one to the Mailbag sleuths. Does anyone know anything about this sign or where it might have come from? Please post your answers below or write to mailbag@sanduskyregister.com. Thank you!

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After viewing the picture, I would say that it is at least 1921 if not older.

"First In Its Field" is the clue. The January 2, 1921 Sandusky Register has those words listed on the front page down below where it reads "Mabel Is The Want Ad Clerk" and further down it reads The Register "First In Its Field" so 1921 would be a start and work back to earlier years.