Jan 11, 2013

Does Vermilion require snow removal from sidewalks?

Does Vermilion have an ordinance that states property owners must clean their sidewalks of snow and ice after a storm? — Jimmy in Vermilion

No, Jimmy, there is no such ordinance. I spent some time looking through the city's codified ordinances online last night and didn't find any mention of requirements for sidewalk snow removal. But, to be safe, I also called the city's building department this morning. They confirmed there is no snow and ice ordinance for sidewalks — though, the city encourages residents to be good neighbors and make their sidewalks passable and safe following a snow storm. Without an ordinance, there's obviously no way to enforce sidewalk shoveling. But if you do have neighbors who don't clear their sidewalks, especially if they're elderly, perhaps you can lend them a hand. Good deeds tend to come back to you.

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?? Who'd thunk it?


They don't even have sidewalks in the most populated part of town.(ValleyView)