Jan 9, 2013

Is I5's closed?

My friends went to I5’s last night for dinner and they were closed. Was this a temporary closing? — Theresa in Perkins

The closing is just temporary, Theresa. According to I5's Facebook page, the bar hosted a winter closing party last weekend. The restaurant will be closed through April, so mark your calendar to check back in the spring.

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The Brass Pelican on the river has great food and people!
open all winter


No it don't have good food

Sit n Spin

The Brass Pelican is a dump on the inside and their service is horrible, true story ! The only nice thing about the place is the outside bar area. Their staff has the personality of an 8 foot alligator.


I couldnt agree more on this. Dump for a kitchen. There are though a couple good people that work there but there is a pig with lipstick there in the evenings. I would rather eat on the sidewalk.


First Quiznos now I5s? What's next CiCis?


CiCis is closed. Has been for awhile.


Oh dear lord! What's next, Samuri steakhouse?


I think the Ponderosa steakhouse is next.


666 huh? Real mature. Go to church


Naming yourself after rapper who named himself after a drug dealer: mature. Being number 2 to do so: priceless.


That was a funny comeback, although I think both of your account names are stupid.


I am in no way shape or form mature! I dont appreciate those kind of words tossed at me. If you have read any of my comments, you would know that. Jerk.


Brass service is TERRIBLE. Very UN friendly servers. Sandusky is WORST than huron.


I've been to the Brass in Slumdusky before and I must agree, the service was terrible. they treat you like a inconvienence instead of a customer. People dont realize how far customer service goes.


Main Street Tavern in huron has the best craft beer selection around and stellar food. i5's can stay closed.

Whiskey Tango F...

+1 on main street. Grat food and good service. Even has clean restrooms


Main street also has the best fights and young crowd drunks. Great place. Cops will shut it down soon.


Sounds like a great place to beat people...I mean..ah..uh..to meet people.

Whiskey Tango F...

what happens at night is not my worries, lunch and dinner are awesome!


brass prlican in sandusky is great...huron one sucks..serviceterrible we went to huron one for buckeye game with 12 people .they played notre dame game for 2 people at the bar on big tv.we askedc to change and they said no. we left with 12 people and wont go back




I5's I have stopped at several times over the summer. It always has good food and the service is very nice and accomdating.

I think some places can have marginally good food but if the service is very good they do fine. Seem many places with so so food do a brisk business beacuse of the attentive wait staff.


I would have to agree The Pelican has went down hill and especially with changing some of their food to frozen pre packaged crap that doesn't compare to what they used to serve, and yea in Sandusky there is only one or two barmaids there that treat you decent and the rest of them treat you like crap! You get it even worse if god forbid you go in there on a Sunday to catch an NFL game because your team isn't playing and you wear anything else in there but the BROWNS, then you really get treated like crap!


Ohio has no room for Steeler fans. I am not a Browns fan, but Steeler fans are impossible to deal with. They're like a Michigan fan with even less class.


I watch "Restaurant Stake Out". Maybe one of these places need to call them in.


The location of the Brass Pelican in Huron is a dark and dirty place. It's a basement. Not much has changed from the two previous attempts to run a restaurant in that location. The atmosphere is depressing if the outside patio is not available. The menu is straight out of Gordon Foods frozen foods shelves. There are a whole lot of nicer places if you want Gordon Foods.

BW1's picture

The location isn't that bad, especially when the weather's good. The service is another story - it's not uncommon in the summer to wait 3-4 hours for food. In the winter, I've had great food there.

The problem is that the lower level of the building has a tiny kitchen where no more than 4 people can work without falling all over each other. The upper level has a huge full restaurant kitchen, but according to Pelican staff, the landlord wants an outrageous amount to allow use of it. It's too bad - it's not like he's going to rent out the upper level any time soon, and if the situation continues, he might lose the existing tenant. Oh well.


I used to work in the Boat Basin @ two different restaurants and just have some observations to make based off comments. 1st of all Huron is a great place to own a business in. If you have a good business, the residents will come out and support it. I saw it firsthand. The problem is that there are only so many patrons to go around in a small city like Huron. Unfortunately, usually the newest bar/restaurant draws the business while the others suffer. When a business starts to hemmorage money the quality of the product goes down. This is true in any business hospitality or otherwise. This will always be a problem in Huron as long as there are entrepenours who think they can do something that most others haven't, which is survive. This will happen again when the Brass eventually fails (see Twine House, Safari Club, Spreaders, The Old Platt), and when someone buys I-5's (see JPs Downunder). I think/hope an exception to the rules is the Main St. Tavern. The owners are Huron locals and the staff is a mixture of all the "good" staff from the previously mentioned bars that have failed. These guys know the business, they have quality service/food/drink and genuinely care about the locals. Someone previously mentioned fights? Let's be honest. It's a bar and fights are going to happen. But the owners of that place will no doubt handle anyone who fights in the bar and my guess is that they won't be welcome back. And hey, it's safer than risking walking to a bar in downtown Sandusky right now. I wish these guys luck because the last time I came home everyone was talking about going to Kalahari and that it was the new "it" place for everyone to go. Sad that instead of supporting local business, money has to go to a rich guy from Wisconsin that built a tourist attraction that you all now go to. So does that now make you a tourist in your own town? Wait, so do you hate yourself now?


Jamie and the crew at Main Street got a great thing going on. If the management at Brass Pelican is listening, I want you to take this feedback seriously. It is very common knowledge that the Sandusky location has inconsistent food served in a very dark, unkempt place by very rude, impolite servers/bartenders. The food has gone downhill over the years with ridiculous ticket times. It is not uncommon to wait 50 minutes or longer from the time you sit down to the time the plate is auctioned to everyone at the table. I do enjoy many sauces and how the wings are supposed to be prepared but you get the good stuff maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of the time at best. The customers making comments here represent most of the comments that I hear. I am not suprised that a few say they like the food. I have in the past got some good food i really enjoyed, but then the service sucked or i had to stare at cobwebs arching from the dusty chains holding up the 57 antique tube televisions. Please re-train or replace your bartenders/servers and bring your kitchen staff back to a standard where you can stop in on a one hour lunch break and get a plate of wings or a burger. Clean the place up a little and update the interior. Especially the glass entrance in the back that has grubby crap stacked up in it. Consider bringing a manager on duty to ensure ticket times, service standards, and section cleaning. Bring a few more beers on tap. Don't tell us you don't have the space with a bar that wraps around the whole thing. It could be nice if you make a few investments and let a little sunshine in and bring on considerate staff. That is number one. Those women are intolerable and they are NOT apologetic about the behavior or the food or the time it takes for it to arrive. It is no wonder people go to chains or resorts that have service standards..


Don't drag stupid football into a bar discussion. It never matters.