Jan 8, 2013

What happened to Quiznos?

I went by Quiznos this weekend and it looked closed. Do you know what is going on with it? — Diane in Perkins Twp.

Quiznos has indeed closed, Diane. A sign on the door said the last day was Dec. 30. It thanks the customers for the eight years the business served sandwiches and said the franchise owner is retiring. Sortino Management, the property owner, is already advertising for a new tenant.

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They closed because they sucked at their job. Subway blew those clowns out of the water and with the addition of Jimmy Johns they couldnt pretend to be the second best sub place in town. Glad to see them go, next to go....Papa Johns!


my my, such anger......are you a disguntled ex employee??


lol.....yep. Now I have to move out of my luxury trailer


I love Papa Johns


People who retire with franchise sell the franchise. Most don't just close up shop. It's like giving away money.


Rickross...Whats wrong with Papa Johns?


They are terrible. Bring back East of Chicago


I agree. They are terrible. Worst pizza ever. I won't go back there again! I did like Quiznos though. I never had a problem with the food or the employees. I think when they started changing their menu (corporate decision) is when their business started going down hill.


SHUCKS ! and I just got some coupons to try them out.

local man

I used to take email offers into Quizno's and I always received a dirty look like I was stealing from them, I chose to go elsewhere.


Thanks for the tip


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Quiznos was always pretty good but very overpriced-it was something different. Subway is getting to be like that too though.




If you are trying to eat healthy at Subway, the only $5.00 footlong that is remotely healthy is Ham. All the others are closer to 7.00(if not more)


Somehow I had a feeling it was going down hill and fast, The last time I went there they had a closed sign and no reason that could be seen


I quit going there when the covered all the cars at Osborne Park with advertisements during the Bay Area Soccer League session one time. The park was coated with those things. We noticed 2 little kids putting the paper everywhere and asked them what was going on. They told us that their Grandfather owned the place and told them to put the advertisements all over the park. It was a mess.

There you go again

Who was the owner?

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For a number of years I have been seeing Quiznos equipment going up for auction on this site, I asked when picking up an item and the manager said the chain was having problems across the country and closing a lot of stores. Not sure of the complete truth.

Football Fan 44089

According to July 2012 Denver Post story, Quiznos (which is based in Denver) went from 5,125 stores in 2006 to 2,800 in 2011 (for comparison, Subway has about 25,000 stores). So it's not just Sandusky that's losing Quiznos restaurants.


I personally know the owners of the Perkins Quiznos and they are the nicest people you could ever want to meet and would give you the shirt off their backs to help anyone out in any way possible!!! Each QUizno is independently owned and operated - as I believe Subway is but I'm not sure so don't quote me on that one - but what happens with one store does not effect the others. Them retiring and closing up suddenly does and doesn't surprise me knowing them as I do. Their employees - well having gone in there on several ocassions - well they were something else but the owners are good people and to see all these comments running them down - or at least that's how I'm taking it - is rather disconcerning.


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