Jan 4, 2013

Do Norwalk schools take Box Tops for education?

It seems Norwalk City Schools are always asking for increase in taxes to help pay for school needs. Does the school collect Box Tops? It seems that if the whole city knew that they could drop off Box Tops to a school, at 10 cents a piece that would add up. I know I have at least $5 worth of them in my pantry now. — Robin in Norwalk

Thanks for the question, Robin. I called up to Norwalk schools this morning and learned Pleasant Elementary, 16 S. Pleasant St., does take take Box Tops for education. You don't have to have a child in that school to donate your box tops there. Just bag them up and drop them off during regular school hours, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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I didn't know Norwalk City Schools take Box Tops for education and I live in Norwalk. Of course, I don't have children, so this might be the reason for my ignorance. I feel bad for the school's situation, but if it has found stress reducing techniques to get over this, then everything will turn out OK.