Jan 3, 2013

Do the Sandusky city commissioners get paid?

Do the commissioners for Sandusky City get paid? Isn’t this considered income and employment? I have seen one of the commissioners several times and am extremely disappointed on how she (is) representing the City. She looks disheveled and very unprofessional. I was just curious as my job expects me to represent them on my off time as well. — Michelle from Sandusky

Yes, Michelle, the Sandusky city commissioners are paid (according to city ordinance) $5,000 per year. The ex-officio mayor is paid $6,000 per year. The compensation is considered to be income, though obviously it's not enough to be full-time work. The commissioners are elected officials, which is a little different than being hired as a city employee. They're hired by popular vote and are supposed to represent the interests of the city taxpayers and residents.

As far your concerns about how the commissioners dress, I can't say I share them. If a commissioner were to show up to city meetings or events in sweats and a t-shirt, of course that would be inappropriate. But we haven't noticed any kind of a problem at any of the city events the Register has attended. All of the commissioners routinely show up to city events in appropriate attire.

I think most professionals feel, as you do, obligated to represent themselves and their employers well while at public functions. But who hasn't run to the laundromat or grocery store in sweat pants while not on work time? It's tough to be "on duty" 24/7, especially for part-time citizen commissioners who have stepped up to help govern our city. This is a high-pressure, rarely glamorous job that isn't well compensated for the work it requires to do well.

So, Michelle, I suggest you cut these folks some slack when you see them out in the community in an unofficial capacity.

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If your job requires a dress code on off time, you may want to consider something different in employment. No-one gets to tell me what to do "off the clock".

Licorice Schtick

Endless second-guessing, spurious accusations of corruption, attacks by the press, and $5000/year. Sounds like dream job. Wonder why more people don't run for Sandusky City Commission?


better hope I never get in as a commissioner, nothing but holey t-shirts, and gym shorts weeee


Do they get paid a salary, or by the meeting. Maybe it should be the latter. You may get some better attendance from certain one(s).


If we want to attract a greater number of qualified candidates, it might help to respect the job with fair pay, and $5000/yr ain't.

The job is worth 10 or 20K. If that's not affordable, maybe it would help to have fewer commisioners.

Julie R.

Where in the heck does Michelle work that her job expects her to dress like a glamour queen even on her days off?

As an afterthought, if I were the city commissioners I would be tempted to go to the next meeting dressed in sweats, t-shirts and dirty tennis shoes!


Ok, I can't take it anymore. Can we all say section 8 , entitlement, etc..etc..?? The cycle never ends and keeps growing !!!!


Go to http://www.staged.com/video?v=Klmb and notice 47% of americans are on some sort of entitlement.


Half of them are on social security - I suppose they would be considered deadbeats who refuse to take responsibility for themselves huh? I'm getting tired of hearing about the 47%.


Nice to see you have no problem with 144,000,000 not paying a dime in Federal Income Tax.


By the way, what can you GIVE me as a taxpayer???


No one can look good EVERY day, so don't expect too much of any of the commissioners. I notice this wasn't written about any of the guys. I have seen a couple of the MEN on the commission out and about and they sure didn't look like they were ready to go to any formal dance. But then again, one was at Menards and the other was at Lowes. So I assumed (ooh, bad word) that they were working on something.

Don't you assume that one of the women on the commission might have been doing the same thing when you saw her?

(an extra five thousand sounds pretty good to me right now)


I'm not too sure that I would be willing to dress up all the time and be on duty 24/7 for 96.00 a week - BEFORE TAXES.

Julie R.

You are correct, wiredmama. Why is Michelle only mentioning the women?

All women should be offended at that remark!