Jan 2, 2013

When is Christmas tree recycling in Sandusky?

When is Christmas tree pick up for downtown Sandusky? — Terry in Sandusky

That depends on where you live, Terry. There are five pick-up zones in the city. The pick-up dates for each zone are below. I've also attached a PDF containing a map from the city if you're confused about what zone you are in. Remember, trees should be placed near the curb, not in the street. You can also drop off trees at the boat launch at 101 Shelby St. or at Kiwanis Park, 2227 First St.


Christmas Tree Collection Schedule
Monday, January 7
Zone 1 ‐ East of Meigs Street and Sycamore Line to the city limits, including the Cedar Point Chaussee
Tuesday, January 8
Zone 2 ‐ West of Meigs Street and Sycamore Line to Columbus Avenue from Water Street to the railroad tracks) Wednesday, January 9
Zone 3 ‐ West of Columbus Avenue to Camp Street from Sandusky Bay to the railroad tracks)
Thursday, January 10
Zone 4 ‐ West of Camp Street, including the Venice area)
Friday, January 11
Zone 5 ‐ South of the railroad, East of Camp Street to the city limits)

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