Dec 28, 2012

Why are there two different speed limits on Rye Beach Road?

Have any idea why the same stretch of Rye Beach Road has two different speed limits depending which direction you are traveling? Just south of the entrance to Firelands College on Rye Beach Road there is a 50 MPH speed limit sign. From Bogart Road north on Rye Beach Road to Firelands College their is a 35 MPH sign. It has always seemed so strange to us that same section of road has two speed limits dependent which direction you are traveling. Maybe you can explain this. — Bob from Huron, Ohio

Questions like this are why I love the Mailbag - the answer is unexpected! I called the Huron Township building and learned the middle of Rye Beach Road is actually the boundary between the township and the city of Huron. That means the southbound lane is in the township, where the speed limit is 50 mph, but the northbound lane is in the city, where the speed limit is 35 mph. I called over the the Huron Police Department to see how they deal with patrolling that stretch of road. The answer: They just worry about what's in their jurisdiction, i.e. the northbound lane. They also have a good working relationship with the sheriff's department, which is responsible for the southbound lane of the road.

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The jurisdictional boundary is nothing new. Changing the speed limit on the "city" side will not happen - why would they eliminate a valuable speed trap that is perfectly legal? The south bound ramp over Route 2 has hash marks in the right lane to discourage people from passing on the right to get around the east bound Cedar Point traffic that backs up in the only through lane on the bridge. During the summer season, this was often accompanied by an officer sitting in his cruiser at that location waiting for someone to pass on the right to get around the stopped traffic - locals, trying to get around the logjam. Let's not apply common sense to any of this, these are sources of revenue! The more Huron changes, the more it stays the same - clueless.


Makes a good speed trap!!!!!!!

Eph 2 8-10



In reality, the limit should be adjusted to a single speed limit as required by the Ohio Revised Code - ORC 4511.21(N)(1). Note the word SHALL in the law. It does not give the city/township the option for different speed limits unless an specific effort was made and they were unable to reach an agreement on a single speed. The law states:
(a) If the boundary of two local authorities rests on the centerline of a highway and both authorities have jurisdiction over the highway, the speed limit for the part of the highway within their joint jurisdiction shall be either one of the following as agreed to by both authorities:
(i) Either prima-facie speed limit permitted by division (B) of this section;
(ii) An altered speed limit determined and posted in accordance with this section.

Just Thinkin

Galloway also has two one is 35 north bound and 45 south bound one in Huron Twp one in Perkins Twp, I feel they should be the same I mean really only a 4 inch paint stripe divides them


@huronparent: The city of Huron has jurisdiction over only PART of the road where as Erie County Sheriff has jurisdiction over the ENTIRE road.


LOL.. They figure if anyone has the cash to go the BGFSU, they have the money to pay the fine.


One of the worst things you can do if you ARE a college student or have one of your kids in college is post it on your rear window or a bumper sticker. You become a target. You have money. Cops have told me so.


Political parties can't seem to do the obvious in Washington for the betterment of all AND right here in home territory the same is true. Does it not seem rather "stupid" to have two speed limits on the same highway depending on which direction you are traveling. City of Huron talks how it likes to get along with Erie County and Erie County talks about how they cooperate with local cities and townships. AND alas we have this oddity.........on Rye Beach Road.....commonn on guys we can do better than this and confuse the motoing public as to what the speed is really is for the road.

I just have to ask this question and guess it goes to Huron Police.....if I was driving south and went to pass a car going say 40 MPH would I be speeding??? I would be on the City of Huron side. I would be going over 40 MPH in the 35 MPH side of the road. If so maybe you should post 35 MPH signs facing north as well as facing south.

See how really stupid this I say City of Huron and Erie County you can do better than this..... get together and work out the speed on Rye Beach Road regardless of which side of the road you are on.

Phil Packer

I have an idea. Just go what ever speed limit sign says, then you won't have any problems. How hard is that?

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Gardenman just pointed out what's wrong with your point.


Berlin Rd in BH is the same thing as well.


In all reality, it's like that almost all around Ohio. They divide the city/township/county line down the middle of a road. It's really just a way for revenue and the cops love it. Look for the speed limit signs and it shouldn't be a problem.