Dec 21, 2012

What county offices will be open on Christmas Eve?

What Erie County offices will be open before the holiday? I'm just curious. — Jeff in Perkins Twp.

The list of office closings and hours is below for you, Jeff. Hope you have a nice holiday.

• Closed:  Board of Elections, Board of DD, Auditor, Treasurer, Recorder, Vet Services, ECEDC, OSUE
• Erie County Municipal Court and the Prosecutor MAY let their staff leave early, depending on how hearings, etc., go that day.
• All the other Judges, Clerk of Courts, Public Defender and Commissioners' departments will be working normal business hours.

I'd also like to wish very safe and happy holiday to all of our Mailbag readers on behalf of the Register. We'll be taking a Mailbag hiatus for the early part of next week for Christmas. The Mailbag will return Thursday, Dec. 27.

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They all should get off early on Christmas Eve.

The Bizness

I am pretty sure the Health Department has normal business hours as well.


So if these offices should be open, who gave permission to close them? Docking their pay should come to mind when they get back. Ho, Ho, Ho.