Dec 20, 2012

What's going on at the old Ponderosa?

Any idea what is happening with the old Ponderosa property on U.S. 250. I see they removed the building is anything going in there? Thanks — Jim on Clinton St.

I called over to Dianna's Deli, whose owners purchased the Ponderosa property awhile back. One of the owners said the Ponderosa building was just in horrible shape, so they decided to take it down to clean up the property. As for future plans for the property, they aren't quite ready to talk about it because there are several ideas floating around. He said if we see new construction at the site (as in a building going up), he'll clue us in on what's happening. So, I guess we'll just have to keep an eye out!

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here in ohio

best thing that could of ever happen with that old as dirt building....LOL


It will most likely be another something we have and don't want and need bank gas station pizza place hotel coffee place


Who is "we" exactly? I'm happy for any new businesses that come to our area.

Good 2 B Me

Me too Kelly. New businesses = new jobs, not to mention the tax dollars coming into our area instead of going to another area!



It's proven time and again in business that success breeds success, meaning restaurants and gas stations will open new locations near other restaurants and gas stations. If there's a multitude of restaurants in an area, opening yet another new restaurant gives the public even more reason to visit the area as the food choices will be many.

Good 2 B Me


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hey titanfan, apparently you never learned any economics. It's called COMPETITION, which benefits the consumer.


@ titanfan84

I think we need another car wash.


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Would love to see Chick-fil-a or Pei Wei (owned by PF Chang) come to Sandusky/Perkins.


Would rather see a Golden Corral...Ryans is gross!!!


Golden Corral! :)

Good 2 B Me

Chick-fil-a is awful. Never had Pie Wei.


Chick-fil-A is wonderful

Good 2 B Me

I tried it two times. Once in Cleveland and once in it's home area of Atlanta. Both times were awful. I did go back to try it a second time to be sure. Bad both times.


Skyline Chili


could HAVE ever happened. no such terms as could of, would of or should of. it's have in every case.


If I was the owner of the property I wouldn't clue anyone in on what's up with future development. That's prime waterfront property there boy....we better have public access I tell ya!! lol


Geeze sound like a Shwangerite.




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How can people in Perkins raze a building in a short period of time and Sandusky continues to allow numerous building to decay and become eyesores?

Good 2 B Me

Perkins cares about moving forward. The powers that be in Sandusky seem to care less!

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The building was a dump when they had the Ponderosa auction, a greasy gross kitchen, god I thought I was going to puke walking through it. My best guess is that there were no takers so why pay property taxes on a structure with no use? Look at the old Hills store, grass now! Look at Detroit, the US Post office reported a few years ago that there were 65,000 vacant homes!


Let them say "could of". It's a label.

The sarge

how about Cheddars?