Dec 19, 2012

Where can my family eat on Christmas?

Dear Mailbag, Due to some unforeseen family medical issues I will not be home and able to cook for my family on Christmas. Will there be anywhere open that they could eat? I usually hate when people ask but just curious. — Michelle from Camp Street

It's great you want to make sure your family gets a nice Christmas meal even though you won't be able to cook for them. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you're a restaurant employee), there aren't many options for eating out on Christmas here. Even McDonald's is closed. I did find one restaurant that's open — Ming's Garden on Milan Road in Perkins Township. For the record, I didn't call every restaurant in town, so there are probably others, but I didn't turn any up in the dozen or so calls I made. If your family doesn't want to celebrate Christmas with Chinese food, like the family in The Christmas Story movie, you might consider deputizing a family member to cook something simple, like spaghetti and salad. After all, it's the being together that really counts. You could also pick up a prepared dinner on Christmas Eve from restaurants like Bob Evans, and have your family just warm up the food on Christmas for dinner. Either way, I hope you and they have a happy holiday.

If anyone else knows of other restaurants in town open on Christmas or if you have other suggestions, please post them below.



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Due to. Teach the old man to cook. He should be doing stuff around the house if you're working and supporting everyone.


Many Pizzerias in the area are open Christmas Eve. Not too sure about Christmas Day.


The Chinese buffet by Walmart is also open on Christmas


Mesenburg Creative Catering in Huron is offering some ready-made meal options that can be picked up before Christmas, to "heat & eat". These options will feed 10 or more and include Beef Brisket, Roasted Turkey, or Hickory Pork Shoulder, along with 2 sides.


I didn't know that..Sounds YUMMY..Thanks for the 411.

Kalahari is having a buffet. May want to check someplace like Sawmill Creek as well.


I do believe the samari is open for dinner..

Just Sayin IMHO

Another alternative is to have a potluck dinner.


steak and shake will be open at 5pm christmas day.


They could just go to the movies and have popcorn & nachos


Or, they could visit someone in the hospital and have lunch in the cafeteria. Contrary to popular opinion, some of it is not to bad.