Dec 18, 2012

What happened to the UPS store?

Can anyone tell me what happened to the United Parcel Service Store on Milan Road that was next to the Outback Steakhouse? Did it move elsewhere or go out of business? That was always so convenient when one needed to ship UPS! — Patti in Bellevue

Sorry, Patti, the UPS Store is no more. We mentioned it in a Mailbag answer in September, but it seems you missed it. The store closed in August. You can still ship packages via the post office at 2220 Caldwell St. and Package Central at 2012 E. Perkins Ave., which has shipping options for UPS and FedEx.

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What about the store on 250 in Milan , is that store still going ?


That is the Local UPS HUB on US 250 in Milan. You can go there to ship packages and they will accept drop off prepaid packages also.


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what has this got to do with the UPS store?

Taxed Enough Already

I needed something shipped yesterday via UPS and looked on line. Found out the Staples store is an authorized UPS shipper. You can go to Staples on Rt. 250.

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Sounds like one of my customers. Always wanting something shipped yesterday :) LOL


Thanks. Patrick


The owner of the UPS store was no longer able to afford to keep it open, therefore, he laid off his people (permanently) and then closed the doors..


Rt.250 UPS is alive and well.