Dec 13, 2012

What's the job description and salary for the director of JFS?

Does anyone know the salaries of the head positions in Jobs and Family Services of Erie County? What exactly is the job description? Thank you, Deb from Tiffin Ave.

The director of Erie County Job and Family Services makes $84,700 per year, according to the county. A description of the job is listed in the most recent advertisement for a new director posted below. There is currently no assistant director. It was Aaron Voltz, before he was promoted to director and then fired after he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Huron (charges were later dismissed after the alleged victim refused to testify).

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First, do you have a "race" card? In today's government jobs a "race" card validates all information needed whether its the truth or not.


That's the best taxpayers get for 84k? JOKE!

Erie County Resident

On another note, I went down to ODJFS office here in Sandusky out of curiosity.
You walk in the main door, turn right there is the welfare/foodstamp area.
You turn left and you go to child support/visitation area.
Just inside the door in the LOBBY stuck right between these 2 is the so called "Job Store".
Screaming/running around kids on the left, babies mommas yacking on their cell phones loud enough for the whole building to hear on the right.

So if your looking for work at the "Job Store" you have everyone walking behind you looking at your computer screen checking out your personal info while you would be trying to concentrate in a daycare center zoo noisefest.

Who closed down the center downtown and just what the heck were they thinking? (1st clue, Strickland)
If I was going to go to a "Job Store" I'd travel down to Huron Co. The Norwalk facility is a class act and comparing them, Sandusky's is a pathetic joke. I've been down to Norwalk for a couple of meetings and their place is one to be proud of.


their "job store" has always been a joke. while i was laid off, i went there for about 2 or 3 times to look for jobs, meet with people and after that I had no more of them. IF you could get them to pay attention to you for more then a second while worrying more about what the other's friend was doing or who was doing what where after work, you were lucky. I finally started looking thru Ottawa and Huron counties Job Stores because like posted above, they are so far above Erie Counties joke, that it was worth the drive. You wanna see a reason why Erie county suffers, look at JFS erie county, they are a waste of tax payers money and I doubt anyone would miss them if they were closed down...


I agree with all of you. I have also attempted the job store, dealt with the child support end and also medicaid end. Absolutely ridiculous! I refuse to deal with that place at all! The workers are so snobby and rude right along with the supervisors. Sad part is, i dont see how they can treat people with such disrespect, and act better than anyone who enters the building when 90% of the workers, besides children services, have only high school diplomas or GED's. I have more education then they have and still would not treat someone like that! I have reported them all to the commisioners and the director in the past, but from the sounds of everyones post, nothing has changed and probably never will. I will tell you one thing, i would NEVER miss them if they closed the doors. The workers need a reality check, and the county needs someone worth while to run the mess!!


Sounds like the employees at the Job Store have used their "race card" to obtain their jobs. Normal government job and employee attitude.


They are not afraid to use it on the people coming in the doors either. They are sickning.


I had bad and dumb experience with a female supervisor there about 6 years ago. I'm thinking she was the head, I'm not positive.