Dec 12, 2012

Lawmakers ready to shuffle in Columbus

Have state Rep. Dennis Murray and state Sen. Mark Wagoner finished their terms in Columbus? When is their last day, and who will take over for them in their seats in the Legislature?


The Ohio General Assembly is still in session and Murray and Wagoner are still on the job, but they'll be leaving soon. Work is being wrapped up this week. Murray and Wagoner will end their terms on Dec. 31. The new lawmakers take over Jan. 1. They will be sworn in on Jan. 7 in Columbus.
The new lawmakers representing Sandusky should be familiar names. Murray represents District 80 in the House, which includes almost all of Erie and Ottawa counties. He'll be replaced by Chris Redfern, a Catawba Island Democrat, who will represent the newly named House District 89, which includes all of Erie and Ottawa counties. (The districts were redrawn as a result of the 2010 census.)
Wagoner, a Toledo Republican, will be replaced in Senate District 2 by Randy Gardner, a Bowling Green Republican. Gardner is currently a state representative but previously he had been a state senator.
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Does Murray get any type of pention, or other retirement benefit for serving one term in the House?


Are we ever losing in this change. Active, working for the district, leader to a hack that never worked a real job in his life.


The hack you are referring to, I presume, is Randy Gardner...the career politician who has bounced back and forth from the house to senate non stop since 1985?


musical chairs........

If all else fails, jump the fence......


It's like shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic. Has no bearing on the final result.