Dec 7, 2012

How do I join the F.I.T. Challenge?

How do people sign up and get chosen for the fit challenge that is in the paper? — Kelly from Perkins

Glad you asked, Kelly, because we're starting another round soon and are currently accepting submissions.

Here's how to contest works:

We will choose five community members to work out with personal trainers for six months from January to June. The person who loses the most weight (by body mass percentage) will get another six-month gym membership for free! During the challenge, contestants write weekly blogs for on their progress. We'll also chronicle their progress on Tuesdays on the FIT page in the Register and the Reflector with photos and comments from their trainers. This contest has changed lives! At least one FIT Challenge alumn has gone on to become a personal trainer himself. This fall, one contestant lost more than 50 pounds and was able to reduce or eliminate all of his medications. These are amazing transformations and it's been a thrill to watch people in our community improves their health and outlook on life.

So... are you up to the challenge? If so, submit a 300-word essay about why we should pick you along with a photo to FIT editor Brandi Barhite at We reserve the right to publish the entries. The deadline for submissions is Dec. 20.


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