Dec 4, 2012

Do the Sandusky Transit System buses run outside Sandusky?

Is the STS bus limited to Sandusky? Why do we see a bus two or more times a day way out in our area? Thanks, Jim on Billings Rd.

Yes, Jim, the Sandusky Transit System has wide-spread service that provides scheduled on-demand rides in Sandusky, Perkins Township, Huron and Huron Township. Anyone can call the STS to arrange a pick-up or drop-off ride in that area. There is also the SPARC, a regular bus loop that runs through Sandusky and Perkins Township. You can see the maps of the SPARC routes below. As an aside, transit officials will start installing shelters at stops on the SPARC routes sometime next year.





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The STS and SPARC take Sandusky residents out to the jobs in Perkins Township and to the shopping in Perkins Township.

Sandusky is nothing more than a location for renters and entitlement. No jobs, no shopping and no future.

The Bizness

I think many people disagree with you on that despicable statement.


^^^^^^@donuthole there are lots of jobs and shopping.




Uhhhh...donut dude, I live in Sandusky and have a full time job, AND I own my home. No entitlements here. I worked for everything I have. Your broadsweeping brush when painting all Sanduskians needs cleaning. Not everyone is afraid to live here; so shut your piehole.


U mean shut your donut hole :)

The Bizness

Same here Train, I have a full time job, and own my home, and am under 30.


So a 79% rental rate for homes in Sandusky is a community on the upswing? Then there is the 85% Sandusky school kids on free or reduced lunches and the mass exodus from the schools. A majority of the entitlement distributed in the county is centered in the big bad Sandtown. There are exceptions to the rule but statistics prove me right.

It's not hard to paint the city with a broad brush.


provides scheduled on-demand rides in Sandusky, Perkins Township, Huron and Huron Township.

Really?? Then why are they out in MARGARETTA TWP.?????


SPARC has 3 routes with a total of 61 stops combined between them. At best, the Westgate Shopping Plaza is the only stop in Sandusky that could deliver shoppers to a business.

Sorry folks, SPARC is meant to bring shoppers and employees to businesses in Perkins Township. Sandusky is in a death spiral.


Why doesn't STS offer the Sparc on Sundays? Don't they realize people work then too?


what was your question again?