Nov 30, 2012

Where can I find great tomato bisque soup?

I love tomato bisque soup, but every restaurant I've tried lately doesn't have it. Can you ask if anyone knows where I can get some? — Dana on West Market St.

This reader asked us to pitch this question to the crowd, and since it's Friday, we figure why the heck not. Has anyone had some good tomato soup lately? I'm assuming since she took the trouble to ask, Campbell's doesn't count. Post your suggestions below, and have a great weekend!

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Try Applebee's for excellent Tomato Bisque soup. I always ask for some cheese on it which makes it a trick to eat, but it is so delicious, but go in early, seems they don't have any left if you go in after the dinner hour! On another Bisque note...there is also a DELICIOUS Seafood Bisque soup at Angry Bull! I thinks it's the best I've ever had!!


I know its a little far but crocker park has the place called the Bspot. They have a tomato blue cheese bisk that is awsome!

Good 2 B Me

BSpot is Michael Symons Restaurant! It is supposed to be super good!


Bob Evan's has excellent tomato soup but you definitely can taste the black pepper.


My wife likes the west side market cafe's tomato bisque. So she had a tyler florence recipe that is very good.