Nov 29, 2012

Why is there a Barnes truck parked downtown?

Mailbox! I would like to know why there's a Barnes truck at the corner of Wayne and Market streets for the past month. Have a good day! - Peg

I called up to Barnes and asked about the truck. It turns out there are no gardening projects going on in that area — though the employee I talked to at Barnes said they'd love to have one. The truck is parked there because an employee owns a building downtown so he frequently parks near that corner. Hope that cures your curiosity! 

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thats not it the employee has been using the truck while all the work is going on in that building i have seen times when they were using barnes stuff when they were cleaning out the upper floors of the building i think Barnes needs to look into it

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Actually Bob left it there so he didnt get a DUI. just kidding. Bob Barnes a great guy, family actually, so those who know us, can laugh at this joke.


Ruh-Roh! Looks like a mystery Scooby! Scooby-Doo, where are you?!


the trucks are allowed to be used for certin things if asked .So in regaurds to Camero i think i know what ur talking about and Barnes already knows about it and gave uhh yeah thanks!!

Dwight K.

Sounds like sandtownbry is the one using the truck lol...but then again if they have permission its no biggie


Some people should just keep their noses out of other people's business.


I have a question why does matter? People in Sandusky never mind their own business restless


People need to learn to mind their own business.


umm...I wouldnt mind having 'Peg' for a neighbor. With all the thieving that goes on..

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Been major renovations going on at that building all summer. Looks really good. Kudos to the owner for bringing back one of our downtown buildings. Sounds like a good story SR.