Nov 26, 2012

Why waste tax money on disc golf?

Why is Erie MetroParks using taxpayer money to build a disc golf course at Osborn Park? Surely they can find a more inclusive way to spend OUR money (such as recycling bins)! — Tory from Huron Township

Erie MetroParks decided to look into building a disc golf course at Osborn Park after it performed an assessment of what area residents want out of their local parks. It turns out, a great number of people are interested in more free recreational activities — such as would be provided by a disc golf course. The estimated cost of the project is about $5,000, though MetroParks intends to ask local businesses for sponsorships to reduce the cost (more HERE). The ongoing costs of maintenance are expected to be minimal. I hear what you're saying about providing recycling bins at Osborn MetroPark, especially after the Erie County commissioners decided to remove the bins due to their cost, but you're not really comparing apples to apples. The cost of the recycling bins was more than $50,000 per year (more HERE). There's no way the parks could run a public recycling drop-off at a one-time cost of $5,000. But, if you still don't like the idea of disc golf, you are certainly welcome to voice your opinion. It seems over the past few years, community feedback and participation have been taken into consideration when it comes to planning updates at the parks. The dog park at Osborn MetroPark is just one example. We suggest you give the parks staff a call and tell them what you'd like to see at the local parks. You can get all the contact information HERE.

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Phil Packer

If they could somehow connect it with Bike Week, eating wings, and drinking Bud Light...

Erie County Resident

Now if they would take this Disc Golf and combine it with Skeet shooting they just might have something there ... Grandma is now trying to pick up a spare with her second disc and grandpa yells .. PULL! ... BOOM!!! .... LOL


Probably less money than building a stadium for pro sports.


the disgolf course could make a positive impact for that park. the discgolfer at the norwalk course take ownership of the course as if it were their own property, helping to clean up the fairways of debris after strong storms and clearing out thorns and brambles around the holes as well as calling the cops when hicks in the 4x4's go mudding around in the grass after a rain...

the norwalk discgolf club members have also used their discgolf club funds to purchase garbage cans for around the course and pick up trash along their way through a round of play... hell, the parks and rec in norwalk gave the president of the norwalk discgolf club the keys to the baskets so we can move them from their short and long positions... the players have more to do with the course than the city does at this point. so if its continual tax dollars people are worried about going into this, it all depends on the community... local vendors did pay for our tee signs and in return we put their business names on them. we've raised enough money over the last few years to talk designing a second course paid for by the discgolf club members... we're investing money into the city's parks...

the notoriety of the sport is low key still, but the benefits out way the costs here... i know i'll be playing the course regularly if it's challenging enough... and even if it's not, i'll play it anyways since it's the only other course that's close by.

these courses are popping up all over these days... when i started playing ten years ago there were about 10 courses in the whole state, usually in college towns... but after norwalks course in their public park took off, they've been showing up everywhere... if the course is good enough people will come from all over to play... at last summers tournament, people from michigan, Pennsylvania, and indiana came to play, which means the hotels, restaurants, and other stores in the area got a bit more business that week and the cops didn't have a panic attack like they do for bike week.


a lawn jart course would be nice !