Nov 26, 2012

Why waste tax money on disc golf?

Why is Erie MetroParks using taxpayer money to build a disc golf course at Osborn Park? Surely they can find a more inclusive way to spend OUR money (such as recycling bins)! — Tory from Huron Township

Erie MetroParks decided to look into building a disc golf course at Osborn Park after it performed an assessment of what area residents want out of their local parks. It turns out, a great number of people are interested in more free recreational activities — such as would be provided by a disc golf course. The estimated cost of the project is about $5,000, though MetroParks intends to ask local businesses for sponsorships to reduce the cost (more HERE). The ongoing costs of maintenance are expected to be minimal. I hear what you're saying about providing recycling bins at Osborn MetroPark, especially after the Erie County commissioners decided to remove the bins due to their cost, but you're not really comparing apples to apples. The cost of the recycling bins was more than $50,000 per year (more HERE). There's no way the parks could run a public recycling drop-off at a one-time cost of $5,000. But, if you still don't like the idea of disc golf, you are certainly welcome to voice your opinion. It seems over the past few years, community feedback and participation have been taken into consideration when it comes to planning updates at the parks. The dog park at Osborn MetroPark is just one example. We suggest you give the parks staff a call and tell them what you'd like to see at the local parks. You can get all the contact information HERE.

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I am sooo excited for Frisbee golf. This is awesome!


because who's ever said "hey let's go play a game of recycle bin"



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Had no idea what it was. Google images showed it, and as simple as it is, it should have low maintenance. I sure hope they take an area that they are letting the weeds grow natural on and put it there so they have to mow the lawn!

Make sure to keep the recycling bins but add a conveyor so all those on welfare can sort recyclables a few hours a week and at the end of the line they get their EBT card reloaded, makes sense to me!


When I had Ebt we had to help at care and share. Don't they do that anymore? Frisbee golf is so much fun.


Frisbee football is huge amongst the teenage crowd right now, but I am not so sure about frisbee golf. I've played frisbee golf (at Findley State Park), but the disks are quite expensive (you typically need at least a set of 2 or 3). Will the park be loaning them out as part of the program?


Why are you worried about the park system being a good steward of public monies? After the greenway fiasco and now the disagreement with Mr. Steinen, we should all have no concerns over the park board's decisions.

Phil Packer

Could be that more people play disc golf than actually recycle...


Every time I am at the Norwalk Reservoir I see hundreds of people playing Frisbee golf...just kidding, I have never seen it in use there. Something tells me this will be just like the driving range they used to have at Osborn (for real golf).


You're kidding right? I go fishing at the Norwalk Reservoir frequently in the Spring and Summer. There are people playing Frisbee golf nearly every time I'm there. They also hold tournaments there several times a year which bring in money to the local area. While I don't play the game myself, it does appear that there are plenty of people who do.


East harbor state park has had one for awhile now.


discgolf is the single most rapidly growing sport in the world... having a course in norwalk draws in people for the tournaments that the people there host... plus, their winter tournament is a fund raiser for the salvation army that regularly raises a half ton of food (literally 1000lbs) and money, so many benefits can come from a disgolf course in the area. plus it gives young people something else to do wather than sit indoors and be bored...

the club in norwalk also hosts clinics for people that are interested and a few other community events aimed towards the young and old, this isn't just for the young, but also for the young at heart.


The oldsters around this area would rather have today's kids sit around the house all day playing violent X Box games than playing disc golf. Is there anything else that the old fuddy duddy's in this area would like to take away? No wonder the kids in this area do nothing but get in trouble, there is nothing for them to do.

Just Thinkin

East Harbor State Park has one, It is used but not enough and thats with bored captive camper's. The only one's who will use it here are a select few, the money should go for projects that groups will use, not a few once in awhile, What the Metro Parks need are real people with ideas for real people, Not someone on the board just for the sake of being a big shot, The Metro Parks are so out of touch it is a shame that the people of Erie County let it go. It's our money they are tossing out the window!


So maybe they could fund a large game room so that bus loads of welfare recipients can hang out and play free X-Box and Playstation 3 games?


@ KnuckleDragger:

With the exponential rise in the entitlement society, the monetary equivalent isn't being done now?

H*ll, taxpayers should help fund Frisbee golf teachers.

The quicker this country goes into the economic ashcan of history, maybe the quicker we can get back to some fiscal sanity - but don't count on it.


Apparently you missed the part where they said they were seeking private donations to pay for the equipment. The maintenance is almost nothing, just ask Norwalk Recreation Department. But then again, we are talking about the Sandusky area where the hoodlums will probably be out there destroying the equipment frequently. My comment was more geared toward the comment that disc golf isn't something that would be used by REAL people. People like think again don't like the idea of a possibly privately funded disc golf course, but they would probably be all in on multimillion dollar facility for welfare recipients to play free video games...or midnight basketball. LOL


@ KnuckleDragger:

Seeking private donations? Should never been taxpayer money involved in the first place IMO.

I am against the public ownership of land.

The U.S. govt. owns approx. 50% of the land area west of the Mississippi. Sell it off and help pay off the federal debt.


"The U.S. govt. owns approx. 50% of the land area west of the Mississippi. Sell it off and help pay off the federal debt."

I spent the better part of a decade living in Utah. Nearly the whole state is owned by the feds. The state has been trying for years to get the land back to no avail. Too bad because the land could be put to better use instead of vast amounts of it essential being off limits to the taxpaying public.

I also am against public ownership. In my statement I said private donation, not public.


Corrected. Typing faster than thinking. :)

I just read where the ECB is giving Greece more money. Kickin' the can....


One need only look at Greece to see our future...unfortunately :(


What type of assessment did Erie MetroParks perform and how was this done? Did the Erie County Metroparks send out a survey in the mail to the residents? What were the ages of those who were asked for their input? Maybe the Sandusky Register can find out more about this assessment and how many people participated.

What about the older folks like the aging baby boomers? How about setting aside a dog poop free area for lawn bowling, bocce ball or shuffle board?

There are disc golf courses in Ohio including some private ones.


A park employee brainstormed the idea and executed the details, including the course layout. I found the answers about that assessment. There wasn't any survey.




I would like to see Huron and St. Marys duke it out for the sbc Frisbee championship wouldn't you?No injuries,$4000 for the whole damn stadium.Get with it,frisbee golf is fun,economical,and family oriented.Come into the 21st century.


and disc golf is for people of all ages... the age range of the people that show up to norwalk every single monday for their doubles play are between 13-76 years of age, and the old man places in the top three randomly drawn teams every week.

and eastharbors course would have done much better if they didn't cut it out of a thorn and briar patch... i play regularly... i think thats quite apparent now, and i've let more discs lie on that small course that were in plain sight than any other course lost for any other reason... im not going to fight thorns and loose blood...

look, sandusky had to do something, and with the number of people from out of town traveling to norwalk, some from sandusky, to play discgolf, it seemed like a good choice considering that no body else was shuffling ideas to the forefront...

it's a sport that spans all age groups, is relatively cheep to start out, i think the base packages for brand new beginners discs from Dick's sporting goods are around $20, and most of the courses within driving distance are free to play, unlike ball-golf where you pay hundreds of dollars for a set of clubs and then have to turn around and pay course fees (which in some places are down right insane) and rent a cart... the course is going to be in a place that is already being paid for it to be maintained, you're already spending tax dollars on that area anyways, so why not just take one on the chin and accept the fact that discgolf was the best decision for the parks...

the dogs parks are starting fights because of pit bulls, most other sports are age limited, or age interest restricted, and it's a low cost sport... Aces all around.


Good comment. Seniors can play too.

But what about the injuries?


But what about the injuries? The Metroparks enjoy a little thing called governmental immunity which means, play at your own risk because they cannont be held responsible for injuries unless it is the result of gross negligence, something which would be extremely hard to prove for a disc golf game, since the equipment used is minimal.


since the bulk of the injuries are self inflicted, i think they would fall under the same lines as a jogger than rolls their ankle while running on the city funded trails and asphalt... and if you're going to go after the golfers for accidentally hitting other people, what are the provisions for amvets field when a foul ball hits someone or their car? what about when a kid falls off of the swings in the park on monroe? oh, oh, oh, what is the city going to do if an elderly person falls from a bridge at battery park? c'mon? really? what are they going to do about the injuries? you're pulling at loose ends in a vain attempt to form some sort of counter argument...

accidents happen, it's par for the course (pun completely intended). i hope you don't choke on a kernel of pop corn from the cart on washington, the city bight have to ban popcorn on public sidewalks...

look, the city could have built yet another skate park, but it didn't because that mainly excludes older people. they could have built another walking path, which doesnt interest the younger people in any way other than having cover for smoking pot while on a stroll... discgolf appeals to people in every age group...


LOL, I just choked on my ham and cheese omlette while reading this, maybe I an sue myself :)

Phil Packer

If they could somehow connect it with Bike Week, eating wings, and drinking Bud Light...

Erie County Resident

Now if they would take this Disc Golf and combine it with Skeet shooting they just might have something there ... Grandma is now trying to pick up a spare with her second disc and grandpa yells .. PULL! ... BOOM!!! .... LOL


Probably less money than building a stadium for pro sports.


the disgolf course could make a positive impact for that park. the discgolfer at the norwalk course take ownership of the course as if it were their own property, helping to clean up the fairways of debris after strong storms and clearing out thorns and brambles around the holes as well as calling the cops when hicks in the 4x4's go mudding around in the grass after a rain...

the norwalk discgolf club members have also used their discgolf club funds to purchase garbage cans for around the course and pick up trash along their way through a round of play... hell, the parks and rec in norwalk gave the president of the norwalk discgolf club the keys to the baskets so we can move them from their short and long positions... the players have more to do with the course than the city does at this point. so if its continual tax dollars people are worried about going into this, it all depends on the community... local vendors did pay for our tee signs and in return we put their business names on them. we've raised enough money over the last few years to talk designing a second course paid for by the discgolf club members... we're investing money into the city's parks...

the notoriety of the sport is low key still, but the benefits out way the costs here... i know i'll be playing the course regularly if it's challenging enough... and even if it's not, i'll play it anyways since it's the only other course that's close by.

these courses are popping up all over these days... when i started playing ten years ago there were about 10 courses in the whole state, usually in college towns... but after norwalks course in their public park took off, they've been showing up everywhere... if the course is good enough people will come from all over to play... at last summers tournament, people from michigan, Pennsylvania, and indiana came to play, which means the hotels, restaurants, and other stores in the area got a bit more business that week and the cops didn't have a panic attack like they do for bike week.


a lawn jart course would be nice !