Nov 21, 2012

Why are you thankful?

We here at have plenty of things to be grateful for this year, including the folks who keep the Mailbag Q & A going with their questions.

We thought, in light of the season, it might be nice to extend our thanks to the people who have asked questions to the Mailbag and those who have helped us out with answers. The Mailbag has come to be one of our favorite features at, and we're always pleasantly surprised by the interesting and creative questions we get about our community. We're thankful for our jobs, our co-workers, our families and our homes here on Lake Erie's beautiful shore. We're excited about all the many signs we see that show Sandusky and the surrounding area are growing into a bright and prosperous future. And finally, we're thankful Cedar Point decided to build GateKeeper, because roller coasters are awesome. We hope all of you have a warm and blessed Thanksgiving, and we invite you to share your words of thanks in the comments section below.

(The Mailbag will return Monday, Nov. 26 after a holiday hiatus.)


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Good 2 B Me

I am thankful for still being here! Life is funny and things happen. Each and every single day I am glad to be alive! What more can a person ask for!


Thankful for the many small good things I often take for granted. They add up!

The Big Dog's back

I am happy our country will continue to go forward.


If politics is all you can think of your a sad person. Have a great thanksgiving with family and freinds if you have them instead of worrying about politics.

The Big Dog's back


2cents's picture

Figures, everything is politics with the little mutt. You must lead a miserable life if all you can think about is a bunch of lying, unethical politicians on Thanksgiving. I'm starting to think, based on the lack of maturity you display, you are just some pimply faced teenage boy without any friends.

The Big Dog's back

Wanting the country to continue moving forward is displaying a lack of maturity?


I am thankful for my granddaughter helping with Thanksgiving again this year (since age 15 and turning into a great cook), for my husband who helps wash dishes, for my son who helps with the leftovers and for my daughter in law who helps with everything and for being given another year in which to be thankful for all of them. (I got it And for everyone who is thankful for everything in their lives. And for being allowed to see the end of this year and hopefully see awhile into next year...God by day. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to come, to one and all. Kate