Nov 19, 2012

What happened to All-Ways Pizza?

What happened to All-Ways Pizza on Warren Street? I stopped by there a few weeks ago and there was something that looked like an eviction notice in the window! Their number is disconnected, but the notice is no longer posted. Is there any hope that my favorite pizza place in Sandusky will re-open? — Cindy from Kelleys Island

Not as far as we know, Cindy. We were also sad to see All-Ways closed a few weeks ago. The number is still disconnected and I didn't find any clues on the restaurant's Facebook page. If we learn anything about the pizza place reopening somewhere else, we'll let you know, but for now you'll have to find another favorite.

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Cindy, here's what ya do. Stop by Adi's food store and buy a "Take & Bake" pizza. Before baking it open the pizza, fork the crust, brush the crust with granulated garlic and olive oil (LIGHTLY). Do this right before you put it in the oven. Note: if you put too much oil on the crust or let it set too long before baking it, the crust will get tough. Of course adding some of your favorite toppings beyond what is already on it is a plus. That pizza will be better than All Ways.

If you're looking for sandwiches....I have no idea.

I was told that they closed.


Clue #1- eviction notice. Clue#2-disconnected phone. Now get a clue.


I hear that you can get the Ehrnsbergers roast beef that AllWays served at Pizza House East now.


Folks, pizza from a restaurant is far better than anything you can buy in a grocery store. I don't care how much you doctor it up, it's still grocery store pizza. However, homemade far exceeds anything you can buy at a pizza joint. There isn't a single pizza place in Sandusky that uses ALL fresh ingredients. Not one. All-Ways was good, no doubt. But I think I enjoyed their beer specials more than the pizza!!

car 54

How about America's Horse with no name..


The last pizza I ordered at All Ways pizza had pickled green peppers on it instead of fresh..... and it was during peak garden season when fresh peppers are bountiful and cheap. It was the last pizza.....


@Report 54 suggestion 1: get a life, and don't be such a dickbag


Mike and Jamie had new owners who didn't pay the bills, thus foreclosure, and business shut down. why you would put your neck out to start a business and think you get to keep all the monies and pay NO bills is beyond me!! I miss Always Pizza and wish Mike wouldn't have gotten rid of it. it was a goldmine for him....oh well.......when the wife is the moneymaker.....who cares.... lol


Would love to see a Donato's come to Sandusky. Better yet; Geno's East out of Chicago. But that's not gonna' happen.

Licorice Schtick

OK, but we don't need another chain restaurant. We need to send less money to Wall Street and keep more of it here.