Nov 16, 2012

Is Sandusky getting recycling bins downtown?

I heard Sandusky might be getting some public recycling bins downtown? Is it true and do you know when they are going in? Jason in Sandusky

It is true, Jason. We actually just got a press release from the city of Sandusky about a ribbon cutting for the project. The kick-off event will be from noon to 1 p.m. Tuesday at Schade-Mylander Plaza. City officials and representatives from Greener Corners, the company installing the recycling bins, will be there. The bins will be accessible for people hanging out downtown so you don't have to throw your plastic or glass bottles, aluminum cans, newspapers and magazines in the trash. The program costs the city nothing. Greener Corners will pay for maintenance of the 30 recycling receptacles in the downtown and shoreline area by getting advertising sponsorships for the bins. Residents should note the bins are not for large-volume can and bottle drop-offs — so don't go gathering up the 800 old soda cans in your garage. But, if you're walking downtown and you finish off the last swig of your cola, you can drop the can or bottle in the bin and feel good about saving it from a landfill.


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This should be a good program but it's not very well understood. It gives people who care a place to recycle their walking-around bottles, cans and papers, but it's no substitute for a residential recycling program.

It's "free" to the city, because the cost is the way it looks -- it's paid for with advertizing on the bins, and they're not tiny. Not everyone will agree on whether it's worth the trade-off, but in the current political climate, it's probably the best we can hope for.

Greener Corners says they're not an advertizing company, but that doesn't make it so. They don't do any actual recycling; once they make a contract with the local hauler, most of their activity is probably ad sales.

Sandusky should not consider itselves done with residential recycling. What they have now is not working.