Nov 15, 2012

Can you help me find the 'Sweatshirt Lady'?

I attended the last few Stocking Stuffers events at the Sandusky High School Cafeteria. I also attended the one this year. It was really lovely and well put together, however, I was disappointed I did not see the “Sweatshirt Lady”. She was always in the middle at the cafeteria and had beautiful sweatshirts with appliques. She lived her in Sandusky. I am trying to reach her. Any help would be appreciated, especially with the Christmas season approaching. — Michelle in Sandusky

Michelle asked me to throw this out there to our readers to see if we can help her track the "Sweatshirt Lady" down. If anyone knows who this is and how she might be contacted, please leave a note in the comment section below. If you want to keep contact information private you can email and I'll pass the information along to Michelle. Thanks Mailbag sleuths!

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car 54

I have her old card. 419 515. 1212