Nov 12, 2012

When will Erie County court records be online?

In the Spring, the Register ran an article about Erie County Court making court documents available online. Can you provide an update as to when the system will be live and what year the court documents will go back to? Thanks, Brian from Milan

I can tell you, Brian, nobody is more eager to see those online court records than our reporters. It's been a long time coming and having online records will make life easier for everyone who comes into contact with the court system. The staff over at the Erie County Clerk of Courts office has been preparing records to be posted online since Luvada Wilson took leadership of the office about a year ago. It's a massive task but they're working through it. The last time we talked to Wilson about the online records project, she said she'd like to see it start to go live by the end of 2012. It's not yet clear what dates will be available at that point. We'll be sure to keep you posted as this project comes to fruition.

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When the powers that be say so.


But don't hold your breath.

Julie R.

Personally, I can't wait to see how that corrupt scam the common pleas court and their attorney buds pulled off --- illegally selling my deceased mother and stepfather's property at a scam sheriff sale --- looks like online. Considering how misleading the auditor's and recorder's online records are, I'll be curious to see what the Clerk of Court's records look like.


When will new info be posted on Pastor Richard Mick from Sandusky that was charged of rape? Last I heard he had a Pre-trial Oct. 29th.


Julie, Request public records and get yourself a lawyer.

Julie R.

Why would I request public records? I already have them.