Nov 8, 2012

What's going in the new Hoty development?

Dear Mailbag, In Monday or Tuesday's newspaper, there was an article about the property across from Kalahari that Hoty is developing. Besides the HyMiler station, has Hoty announced what other businesses will be moving into the new project? Would love to see a Boston Market come to the area. — Eric in Sandusky

The Hoty business development our reporter Melissa Topey wrote about this week is still in the early phases. Right now workers are running utility lines to the plot across from Kalahari on U.S. 250. The only business Hoty has announced for the new development so far is the HyMiler gas station. They also plan to construct an office building, two restaurants and possibly some upscale retail shops. It's a bit early to know what restaurants might take up residence in the yet-to-be constructed development. The HyMiler is expected to open in late summer or fall 2013, so the restaurants likely won't appear until 2014. So stay tuned.

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The Bizness

I personally think upscale retail, and dining should be inside central business districts. If you go to major tourist areas you go to the central business districts, downtowns are the heart of a city and this ever expanding down 250 is a reason why the City of Sandusky is hurting. Bring the business's and hotels back downtown!

Erie County Resident

Bizness are you serious?
Take a drive dwontown and actually look around with your eyes open. There is a roughly four square block "island" of some what safe, decent business that doesn't appear to be in a desserted ghost town.
Most tourist destinations aren't in the middle of a "thug war zone".
If I were looking to start a new business it sure wouldn't be in the target zone of downtown Sandusky.


Downtown lighting needs to be improved. At one time, not long ago, sodium vapor lights were installed making the downtown safely lit. Someone decided, in the recent past, to go back to low light and inefficient lighting


That will never happen. It took me a long time to realize the downtown district is half dead. I heard another business is closing. Nothing good happens North of Perkins Ave anymore.


How about a Burlington coat factory? I think that would be awesome!


YES!!! I agree. A Burlington Coat Factory is a great idea and so would a Hobby Lobby too :)


How about actual jobs and not another retail or dining establishment?

The Bizness

Downtown sandusky will explode with growth within the next 10 years, mark my words. Sustainable business is down within CBD's and cities need a thriving core. If our leaders and elected officials knew anything about planning and geography they would be trying their hardest to move business back into the city.


I hope your not holding your breath Biz. When I was a kid my Gramps told me the mall was a fad, it won't last the d-town will be back in less than 10 years. I'll be 50 in June and it was about 14 when he told me that. He was also a 57 year+ Sandusky business man, just not d-town. And the city leaders will never be a help. Could it come back? Yes, but it takes action. Be nice to feel that I wanted to stroll around d-town without concern for my safety. BTW the d-town is in no ref to anything but my bein to lazy to type downtown each time. If the d-town hit the big time Biz I'll buy a round at the crush.

God Of Thunder

Tear down dilapidated buildings...hint, hint, The Keller Buildng and make room for growth.. No one wants to take on the Historical Society and accomplish this.. If there was space for some of these big businesses to build to their specs, they just might move into downtown..


Hooters. you are not a name brand town till you have a hooters. Love hooters


Well there are super Wal Marts etc. Nothing wrong with a super hooters? I'm in.


Another pizza place.


@Cast The First Stone: Could you really imagine the local girls being Hooters girls??? Gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kalahari is not picking up and moving, it only makes sense that businesses will want to capture the trickle down from across the street.

Downtown needs to (an is in the process of) find its own niche - fine dining, great boutiques, gift shops, etc. National tenants just are not going to move there because the demographics do not support. It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars for a national franchise to set up shop and they are not going to risk those kinds of dollars on a small downtown.

The best thing we can do as locals is to continue to support our downtown merchants and restaurants and pray the City of Sandusky stays out of businesses way so they can be successful!


That and return it to Downtown Sandusky instead of "thugdusky".


Good Sandusky needs new development! This is a great idea!! There's nothing here in Sandusky and very boring place. Hopefully this new development will bring money to the city and people can actually enjoy themselves rather then driving out to Toledo or Cleveland to do some real shopping!!!