Nov 7, 2012

Can we get a new light at Ohio 4 and Strub Road?

Why doesn't Perkins Township or ODOT put a traffic light similar to the one on Monroe Street at Ohio 101 at the Strub Road at Ohio 4 intersection? It seems that light would alleviate a lot of traffic and headaches until they can get around to adding the turn lanes on Ohio 4. — West Ender

That's a good idea, West Ender, and ODOT thinks so, too. There are plans to install a new, more advanced traffic light at this intersection when workers complete the turning lane project on the Ohio 4 part of the intersection sometime in the next year or so. It might take awhile, but a new light will be forthcoming.

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You want traffic and headaches live on that section of Strub Rd between Hayes Ave (Rt 4) and Old Railroad. NOMS and there customers and employees are NOT good neighbors.


Another crash there again today. That intersection is a nightmare.