Nov 5, 2012

Is Demma's carry-out only?

I heard that Demma's was open for business again. I also heard that it was for carryout only. I was wondering if you knew if this was true, or if you could find out. Thanks! — JG from Sandusky

I've received a few emails about Demma's reopening in Sandusky at 1302 W. Monroe St. after an 18-year hiatus. Right now it is carry-out only. To answer another reader's question, the restaurant is owned by the same family that operated it from 1941 to 1991. Sandra Johnson and her family decided to carry on the traditional Italian cooking her aunt, Providence "Babe" Demma, served the community for decades. There is a story about the restaurant in today's Register. If you're interested in some Italian cuisine for dinner this week, the phone number for the restaurant is 419-625-9807. Hours are 3-7 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday.

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I wonder if they have an online menu. We used to get a dinner of perch w/side of spag & whatever was the Italian bread they served, a stack of it to go with your meal.


Are you kidding me? You call the menu? Ok!


Perfect!! Thanks,Dora!

Julie R.

Oh wow, this is great. Like Franketti's, they used to have the best spaghetti around. I wish Ehrensberger's (sp) was still around, too.


You can get Ehrnsberger's roast beef dinner from Pizza House East now (the original recipe).


Pass. Neighborhood's too bad.

Phil Packer

Really? Good Lord...Stay in Huron then.



Sarah Weber

I received your comment dispute and, no, saying a neighborhood is bad does not violate our guidelines. I've restored your comment. Thanks!


Nothing wrong with that neighborhood. Plus their food is worth the stop. You must not have ever had Demma's before.


That's a good neighborhood??? Didn't a woman recently get robbed at gunpoint down there? Had it before, but it isn't worth getting robbed over.


myname are you serious you wont go there cause the neighboor is too bad, the place will be better off without you


This is GREAT news! If the food is as good as in the past~I'll be there! : )

Second Opinion

Discovered it and ate there twice, THEN IT CLOSED !!
I was so upset! Its so hard to find REAL authentic cooking like that.
I'm going back, after it slows down in about three weeks from this article.


had it last week and itm was as good as I remembered :)


Call ahead. Have a driver besides yourself. Run in and get your food and run out and jump back in the car and take off. It is well worth it, the food is great. When we picked up our order the inside looked like a five star restuarant. Very well to do look inside. I think that they must of had it professionally made over.

Phil Packer

Just to make sure, go in a pickup truck with 3 or 4 guys in the back with shotguns. Though, you might have to buy them dinner too.


This is exciting news! I loved Demma's spaghetti!

car 54

Hey Register, no story on why Always Pizza closed on Warren St.


I remember this as a kid the best I have ever had in my life ... I was so sad when they closed it was like a part of sandusky left. I hope they stay around and still have the same quality because I will try it soon and be there 1 0r 2 times a week thats forsure,,, THANK YOU !!!!! good luck