Nov 1, 2012

What's going in next to Papa John's?

Dear Mailbag, Do you guys know what is going in next to Papa Johns on Perkins Ave.? They are working on it. — Sibyl from Sandusky

It appears there is a Verizon Wireless store sign in the window of the open storefront by Papa John's. Tried to call the local Verizon store on Milan Road to find out if it is moving to Perkins Avenue or if it's opening another location, but I got stuck in a call center loop that kept asking for a Verizon phone number. I tried to stick it out, but I could only listen to the elevator waiting music for 15 minutes before hanging up. I hope the answer that it's a Verizon store will suffice.

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Are Papa Johns shutting down for the winter and reopening in the spring. They are still fairly new and I thought they started out well.


If they close in the winter, it is going to yet another business that
and Verizon is moving to the new location


What? People don't eat pizza in the winter?

NHS Grad 1990

Can you tell me, who owns the rundown greenhouses located on the corner of Route 6 and Route 61 in Huron--by the Angry Bull and what, if anything will be done with them. Its been quite unsightly for years.

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The EPA, LOL. They shut down all the small green houses that grew our tomatoes in the winter that are now grown in Mexico. There are a bunch of them basically abandoned in the area. These small companies could not afford to put in scrubbers to clean the emissions from their coal fired boilers that heated the places to grow.


Actually they're still owned by Otto Farms and they are up to date on their property taxes.


You would think the owner could make up the cost of cleaning up that corner by then farming or selling the land...unless it is a brownfield site or something like that...who knows what all kinds of chemicals were applied to those tomatoes before the EPA came along?


Thanks for such a nonfactual explanation. But hey...any chance to take a shot at the EPA is a good one...right?

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1991— Hoag, the oldest greenhouse in Sheffield, closed. The Ohio EPA was relentless in its prosecution of emission standards for greenhouse boilers to the point where one Sheffield grower was fined $10,000 for trying to stay in business. Some switched to growing flowers, but environmental regulations made even this impossible. One by one the growers were put out of business


I do. I like the way it looks.


Big deal, another telecommunication shop.


Hopefully Papa Johns goes bye-bye and we get a new East of Chicago Pizza joint. Papa Johns is dreadful. Went belly-up in Fretroit due to a inferior product, hope Sandusky runs them out of town too :-)