Oct 31, 2012

Is there anything happening with the Sandusky High School observatory?

What is the current status of the Sandusky High School Observatory? I drove past the other day and just popped out at me. As an astronomy nut, it interests me to the status and if it’s possible to pay to use the telescope if it is still in any kind of working order. I know as a child we would attend the planetarium while in school but that was a long, long time ago. Any information would be helpful, as it’s hard to imagine that something so unique just sits there not being used in any extent. -- Jon, Sandusky

Quite the contrary, Jon. The Sidney Frohman Planetarium is still in use, and serves students and adults for a variety of astronomy programs. Especially popular are the annual "A Christmas Story" programs, which are typically scheduled on weekends in December. You can contact the planetarium director, Lois Wolf, at 419-984-1155 to schedule a time to visit.

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Yes, the Planetarium is still in use. The question is about the observatory. Or in simpler terms, the big dome with the telescope in it that is on top of the high school building.


can you observe the problem with the people who edit your headlines?


By the way "Jon From Sandusky", there also is an active planterium and observatory at the University of Toledo.


I could of swore they said they were closing that to relocate the BOE,


What about the TELESCOPE?


The PLANETARIUM is on the ground floor. It's the place where you sit in a reclining chair to look up at a projection dome with a simulated night sky and other neat stuff. The equipment is dated but they still manage to put on some interesting and fun show for kids from 6 to 60+.

The OBSERVATORY is basically the telescope and the dome that houses it on top of the Frohman Center. Increasing light pollution in the area, ironically much of it caused by the school itself, has made it less useful and thus less frequently activated than it once was.

In the same building is the gallery for the SANDUSKY CULTURAL CENTER, were there's usually an art exhibition, except during the Summer.

Also housed there on the ground floor was the "Supplemental Center" that provided regional AV resources, but that's now closed. There's been discussion about putting offices there and in the space above, but that need not interfere with the operation of the planetariun, observatory or art gallery.

All of the above resources were made possible by the generosity of the Frohman Foundation and other area foundations and individuals, in cooperation with Sandusky City Schools.

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