Oct 26, 2012

Did you hear CiCi's Pizza is closing?

Did you guys hear CiCi's Pizza is closing? — Lynn in Fairview Lanes

Yes, Lynn, and it's really unfortunate for the 25 employees who worked there. Our business reporter Melissa Topey wrote a story about this that will likely run in Saturday's paper. In short, the restaurant at 4816 Milan Road closed Oct. 23. The company didn't give a reason for the closure, but it did say it hopes to return to the Sandusky area in the future. Job and Family Services will assist the newly unemployed workers as they try to find new jobs.

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Such a shame, now we only 57 pizza places in town.


crackers with ketchup = cicis


No big loss. Pizza wasn't that great.


Dirty facilities, overpriced, and third rate pizza is not a sustainable business model. Wasn't this owned by the Hoty's?


No loss pizza there is gross


Terrible pizza....ate there 1x & didnt like it....probably a lot of people that had the same experience.


Hoty's lease the building is all. I know everytime I went by that place it seemed like a ghost town. The only good pizza they had as far as I would say is their dessert ones.. It is really sad for the employees though. Hope they find something fast with the holidays coming up so fast.


Good the pizza was overpriced for cardboard


No big shocker. The pizza is terrible and the staff is rude.


Manager and Workers are to blame....... If the food and service are bad

Hoty Enterprises

This closing was part of a wide-spread shut down of Ci-Ci's units by this particular franchisee. As a landlord, we were aware for some time that the franchise as a whole has been struggling. We do not believe the shut-down was a statement as to the performance of this one individual location.


A friend told me that their CiCi's in AZ closed recently as well.


I was there one time when they were very busy and I witnessed the employee's tossing the empty pizza pans on the floor then kicking them with their foot to pile them up I don't know about you but I wouldn't even do that at my house and my house is 150% cleaner than that place. At the same visit I witnessed the manager wipeing his nose on the back of his hand while adjusting the brownies to one tray. With his hands!!!! I never went back.....

real talk

Drive up the road a mile and buy $2 pizzas at Aldi's. Cheaper still and same quality


Maybe they prepared the pizza with hair hanging all over the place, I noticed that in the House of Donuts article a few days ago. I'd like to know why people don't get wrote up for it. YUCK.


Terrible service, bad food, and dirty facilities....notahing else needs to be said.


Only ate there once..noticed how there were over weight people just getting more & more plates full of unhealthy food..Once was all it took to not return there,so no great loss except..
Sorry about the unemployed staff but it sounds like they will be compensated for by the working class, as usual


If the food is so unhealthy WHY were you there?

2cents's picture

I ate there "one" time when it opened if that means anything!


Sad to say that AlWays Pizza on Warren St has also closed after many years. They had great pizza and served Ehrnsbergers roast beef. I'm afraid that these new national chains opening in the area are going to drive our locals out of business. Not me, I will always patronize the local pizza places.

William Jeffers...

NOOO! This was the best pizza ever! The hand tossed dough made fresh daily, 3 blends of the finest imported cheeses combined with authentic Italian sauce from a century old recipe of the founders ancestors. This fine establishment offering it's exquisite cuisine was always unappreciated by the untrained pallets in this area and I will sorely miss them.


I had it once when I was pregnant and I barfed in the parking lot lol the staff was nice when I was there. I never went back. Good luck to them finding work.


Their pizza was awful. There's a similar chain in Findlay called Stevie B's that is so much better. Of course they don't have Chet and Matt's to compete with! They are the best in Sandusky.


There is another CiCi in this franchise located in Avon in a strip mall too. Have been there and it seems to always have lots of customers. They are extremely friendly. Greet you on arrival with shouts of hello from employees and say again shouts of good-bye when you leave. Lots of family business there and going on something like a Friday dinner time its packed. They also make a huge play on making a pizza to your desires.

Have never been in this local Cici but have heard negatives. As I say the one is Avon is a total opposite and employees just go out of the way to make your stop pleasant.


Ate at that dump ONCE 4 years ago when we first moved up here and was the biggest waste of money ever. The staff was rude and the food sucked! Sorry for the workers but it is what it is. As far as Always goes I didn't hear about that, but that sucks they did have good pizza and was fairly priced. Although I can't say the same about some of the rest of their food. Gonna miss that place, so I guess it's back to Marco's we go!


Cici's is a tough franchise. I've known a couple that haven't made it elsewhere in the country.

Buyer beware.

Swamp Fox

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Westend Homeown

and this has to do with a pizza place how?


Always pizza didn't close because a national chain, they closed because the owners didn't watch who they hired, their labor costs, and food costs, they let it close because they wanted nothing to do with it. They thought they were going to buy it, and sit back and let everyone else keep that place floating...until the very end when they had to work the little they did.


worst pizza ever. we left our food on the table and left.


It seems that Always changed hands. Does anyone know when that happened? The food started to go bad after that.