Oct 25, 2012

When did the ferry stop going to Cedar Point?

When did the ferry stop taking passengers to Cedar Point? Why did the boat stop running? I have fond memories of taking my children on it when they were young. It was quite nice leaving from downtown Sandusky. Wouldn't this be a great service to offer again? Seems like it would draw folks & possibly a convention center to beautiful downtown Sandusky? — Dena from West Washington St.

I contacted Annie Zelm, a spokeswoman for Cedar Point. She sent me the following answer to your question:

The demand for ferry services to Cedar Point diminished over the last century, beginning with the opening of the Cedar Point Chaussee in 1914. In 1952, Cedar Point ended regular steamer service by taking the G.A. Boeckling out of commission and moving it to Sturgeon Bay, Wis., where it became a floating warehouse.  The Cedar Point Causeway opened on June 12, 1957, making the peninsula more accessible for vehicles.
After retiring the Boeckling, Cedar Point operated three ferries until 1987, when the park leased them out to the City of Sandusky Boat Line. The boat line later purchased the ferries and ran them from downtown Sandusky to Cedar Point until 1997, when the operators of the boat line sold the entire operation because it was no longer profitable. Ridership had been declining for years, and it was no longer economically viable.
The following year, Cedar Point began running the Harbour Belle ferry from the park to the Radisson Hotel, which is now Castaway Bay. That operation lasted only a few years and ended because it was too costly to continue.


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I remember it was $3 round trip, ran every half hour I think. My friends, sisters and I used to ride our bikes or walk down to go to cedar point for the day. Loved the ferry!


The Cedar Point ferry was a lot of fun to ride to and from the park. It is to bad that not enough people used it to make in worthwhile for the owners to continue the service. I have fond memories of riding the ferry.


Sounds like now-a-days it would be CHEAPER to take the boat instead of the parking FEES!


Apparently no-one remembers the Boeckling !

Eph 2 8-10

I remember the old Boeckling side paddle wheel, and the glorified fishing boats that followed. Cost was 50 cents to the Point, and free coming back. That was in the 1950's.


The ferry was a great way to get to the Point. An afternoon at the beach or riding your favorite rides was easy to do on the boat. Walking home you could stop at the ice cream store or popcorn wagon or walk through some of the stores. On those hot summer nights it was a way to enjoy a cool breeze on the bay.
I wonder how many people who read the sign on the bypass, exit at Rt 4 to take the ferry from downtown to Cedar Point, that no longer exists.


Used to take my kids, when they were little, over to Cedar Point on the ferry for a few kiddie rides and then the trip back. Season passes were just starting out and it was a great deal for young families. Nice memories.


We always took the ferry! It was one of my favorite things to do. I wish it was still going especially to avoid the traffic.

here in ohio

wounder what ever happen to the boats that were used ?


One of the old Cedar Point ferry boats is now used by Sawmill Creek in Huron. It was named "Dispatch" when it was a CP ferry, now called the "Sawmill Explorer." Another one is operating out of Erie, PA.


I really miss the old Cedar Point ferries. It was a lot of fun to take them across the bay. I wish that they still had them. It would be a lot better to take the ferry across than to pay for parking.