Oct 24, 2012

Happy ending for abused donkey

How exactly is Henry the donkey recovering after his injuries? -- Concerned reader from Fremont

Henry is doing just fine, said Sandusky County animal cruelty investigator Kelley Askins, a remarkable feat considering he was  dragged behind a tractor for about a mile in July. Henry's former owner, Virginia Secrist, 76, Fremont, was banned last  week from owning animals for the next 10 years. She also had to surrender ownership of the 14 animals she had on her  farm.

Henry, who has been adopted by his foster family, is now a pampered prince.

"There are just faint scars, but the hair is starting to grow back in  all the areas. He's doing remarkable," Askins said.

The worst wounds were on his shoulder and above his eye.

"The shoulder wound was pretty deep where he was dragged. We just had  to wait for the skin to grow back there," she said.

As for the three-inch wound on his head, where you could see straight to his skull, the only evidence of the wound is a small dent.

"It's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. You would have to know what happened to him to realize it's there," Askins said.

As for Henry's new owner, he'll be well cared for.

"The girl that adopted him, she will pamper him and spoil him and he will live out his years without a care in the world. I couldn't have  asked for a happier ending in this case," Askins said.

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Phil Packer

Happy, that he didn't get eaten?


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The worst wounds, were the worst.


Should drag her behind a tractor. What a curel person to do such a thing. I thinks she should never own animals again.


At age 76, with a ten year sentence, she probably won't.


we would like to see Henrys photo now, what a lucky guy ,have a wonderful life fella.


All abused donkeys should get a happy ending.




lol. I see what you did there...

Julie R.

Thank God for people like the new owner. Thank God also for people like Kelley Askins.


So glad the poor donkey is living well now. May unspeakable things come the way of this old battle axe.


Finallyyyyyyyy....Good news ! Thanks


Who eats donkeys and why can't anyone spell? (cruel not curel) And the author of the article could use some English refresher courses too. 'As for Henry's new owner, he'll be well cared for.' Sounds like the owner will be well cared for not Henry. And the article is about the fact that she will never be able to own animals again. Reading comprehension wasn't taught around here either I guess.


Beugen reporter54. Denn er wird alles in die Wege Englisch Korrigieren und es ist die ordnungsgemäße Verwendung.


pin dong chen fann