Oct 22, 2012

Register candidate debates open to public online

When are the Register debates with county commissioner candidates and can the public attend the debates?

The first Erie County commissioner debate is at 7 p.m. this Wednesday with incumbent Democratic county commissioner Pat Shenigo and his Republican opponent Jude Hammond. 

The second commissioner debate -- the four-man race pitting six-term incumbent Democrat Tom Ferrell Jr. against independents Brad Hartung and Dick Brady and Republican Steve Kraus -- is at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 30

There is no audience in the studio at the Register, but both debates are being shown live in real time at sanduskyregister.com. Viewers can submit their questions for the candidates in the interactive chatroom.

Erie County Juvenile judge Robert DeLamatre and his opponent debated Oct. 17, and that debate is available for demand viewing here.  

Erie County treasurer JoDee Fantozz, a Democrat, declined to debate her opponent Republican Jeff Krabill. Krabill is a guest on "Between the Lines Live" at 1 p.m. Thursday. 

All of the Register debates will be posted for demand viewing and previous election stories can be found at the Register's online election guide here

Be sure to get a copy of the Oct. 30 Register for a complete election guide in the print edition, "Decision 2012."  

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car 54

Hey Register, can the County Commission candidates discuss something outside of the budget? I would like to hear about the loss of jobs and new economic ideas to enhance Erie County.


It was public last year, now it isnt?
Good Job SR,


Why have the debates so late when so many have already voted?


I don't like such broad-based early voting. I don't like it at ALL. That being said, what I do and don't like or want has no effect on what IS. And tk, you're absolutely right. These debates should have been held prior to the opening of early voting. I'm pretty sure if you change your mind now, your only recourse is to be stuck knowing you voted for the wrong man/woman!


I agree with SamAdams. With early voting, you get cheated out of the debates because they come about a week before you have to vote. I like the early voting but soemthing has to be done with having the debates earlier before the early voting begins. The Register must have cut their budget. You would think someone could lend them a room for such important public service. The Chamber of Commerce used to hold these debates and they dropped the ball an now the Register does it.