Oct 17, 2012

Can I give a shout out to the people who pick up sidewalk trash?

Just way to give a "WAY TO GO" to the group of people I see walking down Columbus Avenue every day (at least Monday through Friday). Every day these nice people have two or more bags of trash they have picked up on their walk. It amazes me that they get that much or more every day. Just think what that strip would look like if they didn't pick it up. We need more people like you guys. Better yet, those of you throwing your trash on the ground, keep it till you find a trash can. — Robin of Sandusky

It's not often we get a letter of praise in the Mailbag, so I thought it'd pass this one along. Thanks to all the people who help keep our community looking great.

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Sarah Weber

I just got an email saying these folks are a group of retired Sandusky Schools teachers who are continuing to serve the community. Awesome!


Thats a really cool thing for them to do. I love the old school mentality of the older generations. WTH happened???