Oct 16, 2012

When is city leaf collection?

When is the city picking up leaves? Nathan from Alpine Drive

Leaves will be collected on different dates through five zones in the city. On Alpine Drive, you're in Zone 5, so pickup will be Oct. 29, 30 and 31; and Nov. 1, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30. Leaves are collected from the boulevard (not the street) and if you decide to bag leaves they can be placed in paper bags only and left by the curb. If those dates won't work for you, Nathan, you can also drop off your leaves at Barnes Yard Waste Recovery, 3511 Cleveland Road West, Huron, during normal business hours at no charge. I've attached a PDF below from the city that includes the other leaf pickup zone dates and more information.


I also have an addition to Monday's Mailbag question, which asked where residents can donate household goods. I got the following email from Claudia in Sandusky. Please also remember the Senior Center when you're considering where to donate your items.

"You recently posted a question from Sandy in Huron about where you can donate household goods. You listed Salvation Army, Care and Share and Goodwill. I was disappointed not to see the Senior Center on this list. They resell the donated items at a discount price to seniors who need these things, and use the money to help pay for lunches and meals on wheels. The remainder of what they can not use they donate to the animal shelter. I personally find this to be a very important place to donate items, I know we won't donate our items anywhere else. If you could just mention this, I would appreciate it. I don't think most people even know that this is an option as a place to donate."
Thanks for the note, Claudia!
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Does Perkins have leaf collection?

Sarah Weber

@dora Here's some information on Perkins: http://www.perkinstownship.com/y...


Why is it the responsibility of the city or township to pick up this expense ? I believe tax dollars could be used more wisely on another project.


Because they want to see how many whiners there are around here. Only one so far........you!


Thank you so much


Some people COMPLAIN about EVERYTHING!!!!! GEE!


My guess is they have nothing to do during the day nor do they care about the city they live in or the people who live there with them.


Will continue to voice my opinion of personal responsibility, less entitlement and a smaller government.

Sorry this bother you all.