Oct 12, 2012

When are the Elmore coffin races?

When are the Elmore coffin races this year? — Brenda, Huron

I called the Elmore village fiscal office to get some information for you, Brenda. The 8th Annual Tombstone Derby event will be Oct. 27 at the Elmore Depot Grounds, 353 Ottawa St., Elmore. There are activities throughout the day, including pumpkin carving, a pie contest, costume contest, craft vendors, haunted cabin, a parade and more. The event you're interested in, the Derby Casket Drag Races, will start at 4 p.m.

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is this in Sandusky?


Did you READ the article?! It's in Elmore! Sheesh.


luvblues it could be from the legend (ghost tale). If memory serves it has to do with a returning WW1 Vet, a girlfriend,a motorcycle,a bridge & death. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. thanxs


I'm sorry, kURTje. You've lost me. The article is about coffin races in Elmore, Ohio. Which has nothing to do with bridges, girlfriends, motorcycles, death and/or Sandusky. I'm guessing people build simple boxes that look like coffins and race them down a hill, much like the soapbox coaster derbies they used to hold in Akron. I have never been, but you and the first poster are not tying into the article whatsoever.


They still have the Soapbox Derby in Akron


http://www.prairieghosts.com/oh-... That happends supposedly in march.


Got it. The Ghost rider Elmore,Ohio. Since Halloween is so close. Might explain the coffin race.


http://www.roadsideamerica.com/t... "Once a year the town hosts an event where people dress up as ghouls and zombies and drag race motorized caskets."

It sounds like a lot of fun for the people of Elmore.